Crypto Activity in June by the Numbers

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Crypto Activity in June by the Numbers
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CORindex releases its latest monthly report detailing the most significant changes in the crypto game in June.

CORindex, an analytics company based in New York, has just released its latest monthly report with analytics on the health of the major coins on the market and the most significant changes to their transaction volume and average rate. The report is comprised of data derived from 98,45% of crypto exchange operations performed last month and highlights the top 10 coins in each category over the course of five chapters.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the most interesting findings in the report and trying to devise what they mean to the market as a whole. Let’s dive in.

Cryptocurrency Transaction Volume in USD

Neo is the highest-growing coin by percentage, while Bitcoin Cash plummets; Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the two coins with the highest trading volume.

The report’s first chapter is dedicated to cryptocurrency transaction volume in USD, which is a long-standing favorite metric used by crypto traders to determine a coin’s health. Coins with lower transaction volumes will not have many trading partners and traders wishing to sell to fiat currency may not find a buyer for their coin. Likewise, a coin with a large transaction volume is sure to find a buyer and the more popular a coin is, the more trading pairs will be available for it.

Transaction volume is a metric that shows the total sum of transactions performed with a single coin. These figures come from calculating the volume of all crypto transactions for the past month on the largest exchanges on the market.

Bitcoin still leads the pack with a transaction volume of $668,471,303,711, having lost 5.32% over May’s numbers. Ethereum, as per tradition, follows, with $269,403,126,859 in trades and a slightly larger loss of 12.09%. Litecoin, the third-largest coin by transaction volume, by contrast, has grown 7.81% to a total of $134,521,045,409.

In terms of the largest growth by percentage, NEO showed a jump of 33.49% and a total of $17,951,542,148 after news that their blockchain will be reconfigured in early June. Ethereum Classic also showed significant growth of 24.89% to $24,727,035,209.

Growth in Average to USD and By Percentage

Bitcoin and Ethereum show the largest growth in average rate to USD compared to June’s numbers; BOX Token and Chainlink are the highest growers by percentage.

COR’s report includes two chapters with coin ratings by growth in their average rate over the month: one by sheer USD amount and the other by percentage. By looking at these two metrics, prospective investors and potential traders can determine whether the current climate is healthy enough to make an investment.

Bitcoin takes the top spot in this category, as well. With a max rate of $13,911 and a low of $7,497, the coin sustained a 26.92% over the past month. Ethereum follows Bitcoin in this category, as well: it showed a growth of 10.93% in its rate after reaching a high of $363 and a low of $214.

The cryptocurrency that grew most in percentages in the month of June is BOX Token, which sustained a 266.38% growth and reached a high rate of $0,09 and a low rate of $0,005. Following right behind it on the list is Chainlink, which grew a similarly impressive 232.2% to reach a high rate of $5,82 and a low rate of $0,85. Burst, HyperCash, and Ignis all showed growth rates over 150%.

Highest Negative Growth

Bitcoin Cash takes a steep dive, and ZClassic along with Aion lose the most in terms of an average rate.

The report’s concluding two chapters detail the cryptocurrencies that sustained the highest negative growth in average rate in the month of June. As before, one chapter deals with decline is USD amount and the other in percentages. These figures are calculated based on the volume of performed Cryptocurrency/USD exchange operations and rates at the time of transaction. Investors should take note of these numbers, as they are a key factor in determining whether it is the right moment to invest in these coins.

The coin that sustained the highest negative growth in average rate over the last month in sheer USD amount is Bitcoin Cash, which devalued by 9.2% or $40,79. Its highest rate was recorded at $518,16 and the lowest at $366,13. Following behind it are Dash and Monero, which are the only two coins on the list to have lost more than $3 in value with $8,58 and $4,65 drops respectively.

As for coins that sustained the highest decline in rate in percentages, ZClassic leads the pack with a 80.46% fall to reach a $0,35 rate with a recorded high of $1,91 and a low of $0,29. Aion, NoahCoin, TrueChain, and Holo follow behind it on the list with negative growths ranging from 42.16% to 45.55%.


All in all, the crypto market showed continued stable growth in June, despite significant volatility. Major established coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others showed either insignificant drops or some growth, while smaller, newer, and more risky coins, predictably behaved more erratically. The current investment climate is characterized as rather positive, having many options for traders and investors to choose from and a months-long history of stable upticks in most major markets.

Please note that this report is not a call to action and is not intended to encourage to be the reader’s sole source of information to act on. The presented information has been compiled using publicly available sources and is accepted as is. This report contains no promotional material and is solely intended to inform its reader. CORindex bears no responsibility for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations in this document, nor any outcomes resulting from actions taken based on this information.

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