Crypto Derivatives Exchange Bybit Launches Spot Trading

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Crypto Derivatives Exchange Bybit Launches Spot Trading
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Crypto derivatives exchange Bybit is set to launch a crypto spot trading feature that will further facilitate steady crypto purchases and sales activities.

Bybit, a Singapore-based crypto derivatives exchange, will be launching a crypto spot trading feature through which users can sell and buy assets such as bitcoin in an instant. The exchange has successfully generated revenue worth $33 billion via trading and will be introducing the spot trading feature that will charge no additional maker fee which is often charged when the order is not picked up by the sellers/buyer.

The exchange has announced that the company will be introducing a new spot feature on the exchange that will assist in east crypto maneuvering and transaction processes.

Bybit Launches Its New Crypto Spot Trading Feature to Grow Customer Base

According to the nomics data, Bybit is one of the most prospering exchanges in terms of trade volume and allows its users to trade via contracts on crypto assets rather than the real assets themselves. This unique feature had compelled masses to conduct trade with the exchange and earn maximized revenues. With this novel feature, the trader can sell or buy an asset on a contractual basis that obliges them to pay after some time.

With the introduction of the new crypto soft trading feature, users can instantly trade assets such as bitcoin
on an agreed price and conduct the transaction immediately.

According to Bybit, the exchange was already looking for progressive approaches and wanted to enhance and amplify the company’s work operations. By introducing the crypto spot trading feature, the exchange intends to entice crypto enthusiasts and want to attract a versatile crypto audience to boost trade volume.

Bybit further announced that the exchange will currently support the following cryptos in formats such as Bitcoin/Tether, XRP/Tether as well as EOS/Tether. Additional trading pairs will be announced later by the exchange.

Bybit is also a regular investor in Peter Thiel’s BitDAO. The company is dedicated to conducting comprehensive DeFi projects. Bybit has been a primary contributor to the project proceedings and has committed one billion dollars to the project. The exchange now intends to woo budding crypto traders and users with their spot trading feature to build a durable client base to facilitate steady earnings and gains.

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