Crypto Copy Trading Platform Jet-Bot: Earn +30-40% Monthly by Copying Successful Traders with a Trading Bot for Binance

March 4th, 2021 at 12:39 pm UTC · 6 min read

Jet-Bot is a crypto copy trading platform, an official broker of the Binance exchange, which allows you to earn up to 40% per month by copying the most successful traders on Binance.

The average monthly profitability ranges from +27% to +40% per month. In the most profitable months Jet-bot users earned up to +97% and even +166,55% per month.

At the same time users don’t need to transfer cryptocurrency assets to Jet-Bot copy trading platform, as users funds are stored and traded safely in their personal Binance accounts.

Jet-Bot serves as a bridge for the interaction between accounts of traders and investors through a secured API connection.

Crypto Copy Trading Platform Jet-Bot: Earn +30-40% Monthly by Copying Successful Traders with a Trading Bot for Binance

A crypto copy trading marketplace on Jet-Bot platform.

How Do Professional Traders and Crypto Investors Interact with Each Other through Jet-Bot Copy Trading Platform?

This bot for Binance is designed for both professional traders and regular cryptocurrency investors who would like to earn a passive income on their cryptocurrency assets by using a crypto copy trading on Jet-Bot.

Cryptocurrency investors get the opportunity to get a passive income on their crypto by copying deals of best traders in fully automate mode. Each user of the platform can get acquainted with the rating of traders, trading statistics of each and select several traders to whom he wishes to entrust his capital.

Professional traders use this Binance bot as a crypto trading automation software. Jet-bot functionality allows traders to eliminate the human factor, automate routine processes and trade faster, more efficiently and safer, because trading robots operate according to algorithms, make decisions instantly, never sleep and are not subject to emotions in comparison to manual trading.

Crypto Copy Trading Platform Jet-Bot: Earn +30-40% Monthly by Copying Successful Traders with a Trading Bot for Binance

Jet-Bot crypto copy trading bot customer reviews.

Only those traders can place their bots in the crypto copy trading platform marketplace who:

  • showed positive trading statistics for the last 6 months;
  • trade with a deposit of at least $10,000;
  • passed KYC verification of identity.

Thus, top traders of this crypto copy trading platform risk with their own capital, and only under this condition Jet-Bot platform management gives top traders the opportunity to place their bots on the crypto copy trading platform marketplace.

How Much Can You Earn with Jet-Bot with a $100 Deposit?

Currently, the top ranking of Jet-Bot traders includes 6 top traders with the highest and most stable profitability results among all traders of the platform.

According to copy trading platform statistics from the day of the launch – the average monthly rate of return is +21.35%.

At the same time none of the top traders of the platform has shown a losing result since the launch of the platform in June 2019.

The maximum monthly profitability result of the best trader was +166.55%.

Crypto Copy Trading Platform Jet-Bot: Earn +30-40% Monthly by Copying Successful Traders with a Trading Bot for Binance

Crypto copy trading bot for Binance profit statistics.

Thus, based on the average monthly profitability index, we calculated how much you can earn with Jet-Bot Binance bot with an initial investment of $100:

  • the 1st Year – $840 profit
  • the 2nd Year – $8,569 profit
  • the 3rd Year – $87,376 profit
  • the 4th Year – $890,984 profit
  • the 5th Year – $9,085,463 profit

According to this calculation, an investor can earn more than $9,000,000 within 5 years, starting with an initial investment of only $100.

Unbelievable, but it’s true. This result is possible due to the high monthly rate of return, according to which the deposit increases by an average of +21.35% every month.

Of course, with proper qualifications, you can achieve even higher trading results on crypto copy trading platform Jet-Bot.

MoneyGuru’s Case – $7,000 Profit on Binance Using Jet-Bot

Cryptocurrency influencer and trader MoneyGuru managed to make a profit of $7,243. The initial deposit of MoneyGuru was $3,000, so the trader managed to make +141% profit during 1 month of using this bot for Binance.

In his YouTube review of Jet-Bot MoneyGuru said:

“The benefit of using Jet-Bot over a human is that it doesn’t care of emotion and doesn’t ruin your profit because of your personal emotion and your greediness over a trade which is executed by you.

This Binance bot can trade for you 24 hour as per the given algorithm or using a copy trading which is the biggest benefit of using Jet-Bot.”

Is It Safe to Trade with Jet-Bot? Safety of Funds or What Is API Connection with Binance

When you trade with Jet-Bot, there is no need to place funds directly to the copy trading platform.

You can keep funds in your personal Binance account. This account connects to Jet-Bot through a secure API connection.

Thus, the Jet-Bot platform has the access to manage trading on your exchange account, but does not have any access to withdraw funds from this account.

When the trader performs a trading action on the exchange, Jet-Bot sends an API request to initiate a same deal in your Binance account.

This request executes almost instantly and it allows to mirror all trader’s actions in your account at the same moment.

You are the only person with access to your finances, you have an option to supervise all trading orders 24/7 in your Binance exchange account and you can take a full control over a deal at any time. So you can be sure your funds are securely stored in your account and nobody can stole it.

And keep in mind that Jet-Bot is an official eligible broker of the Binance exchange, so this forms an additional credit of trust to this Binance bot.

How to Start Making Money with This Bot for Binance in 10 Minutes?

Crypto Copy Trading Platform Jet-Bot: Earn +30-40% Monthly by Copying Successful Traders with a Trading Bot for Binance
Easy steps to launch your account on Jet-Bot crypto copy trading platform.

This copy trading platform is quite easy to use.

  1. The first step is to register an account at After registration, you will receive a free trial access to the platform and a demo account with a virtual balance. Using a demo account, you will be able to independently test various settings of Binance trading bot strategies.
  2. After you switch your account to real money trading, the platform allows you create your own Binance trading bots with custom settings or you can copy successful traders using a copy trading platform. You can check out trading stats of top traders and distribute your deposit between 3-4 traders, this will allow you to diversify risks, rather than entrust the entire deposit to one trader.
  3. You also can connect Telegram notifications. This function will allow you to receive 24/7 real time reports on the closure of each profitable trade by your trader.
  4. You can also join the platform community in Telegram, in the chat you will find many users who willingly share tips on using the platform, discuss forecasts and the most profitable trading strategies relevant to the market at the current moment.

We wish you successful trading with Jet-Bot Binance trading bot!

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