Crypto Investment Bank Community Banca Giveaways 200 Prizes Including Porsche 911 During Its ICO

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Crypto Investment Bank Community Banca Giveaways 200 Prizes Including Porsche 911 During Its ICO

The platform that can be referred to as” Wall Street on blockchain” started a BANCA Token Trading Competition and offers amazing prizes like Porsche, Volvo and iPhone X.

Wall Street is the symbol of the whole investment banking. For long years it has been attracting the best alumnus of the top universities, the stories of incredible enrichment t has inflamed passions and minds of investors. However, the financial crisis of 2008 showed that the whole system is far from being perfect. Banca, the new investment bank community built on blockchain technology, claims to solve the problems of the traditional investment banking.

Banca uses all the benefits of the modern technologies to provide users with a better experience of investment banking. The platform uses artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data analysis. The combination of these technologies allowed Banca to create a trustworthy platform, which makes the most of the elements of traditional investment banking aspects: primary market, secondary market, OTC digital financial services and basic services.

The usage of AI helps Banca users to get access to the high quality information and various services. It also works on optimizing the business processes. Big data analysis allows to make accurate predictions on the future trends of tokens. Blockchain has contributed to the platform with the smart contracts system.

The combination of progressive technologies and the deep understanding of investment banking resulted in creation of the platform that can build an optimum portfolio for a user. Even though the cryptocurrency market generates lots of risks, Banca creates a working tool that can bring all the benefits of traditional financial instruments to the crypto sphere.

Banca, which is a decentralized, intelligent community investment bank, believes in the prosperous future of the cryptocurrencies. The team standing behind the project has been analyzing the crypto assets – and it believes that there is still much to be done. The potential of crypto assets can be revealed with the help of the platform.

Traditional investment banking avoids working with the cryptocurrencies. The market size is not that big – and it keeps lots of investors away from it. What is more, the world of cryptocurrencies is brand new within the history of financial banking. These factors slow down the presence of cryptocurrencies in traditional assets.

Banca uses its own Banca token to run the platform. At the moment it celebrates World`s Premier Listing. The platform wants to thank all the supporters and gives them a chance to win amazing prizes. During March 7-28, Banca runs a competition – and the winner can get Porsche 911 Carrera T. The only thing needed to participate in this activity is to trade Banca token on your HitBTC account. All the users will be ranked due to the trading volume. The prize for the first place is Porsche 911, the second rank brings the user Volvo. Seven more users will be rewarded with IPhone X.

Wall Street is famous for its stories of fast enrichment. Luxurious offices, stylish suits, enormous bank accounts and expensive cars are an indispensable part of the image of successful investment banker. Owing to this platform, crypto investment world is not an exception – with the help of Banco some crypto investor will soon become not only the owner of an optimized crypto portfolio but a new Porsche 911.

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