Crypto Price Prediction: Dogeliens Tipped to Reach $1 as Klaytn and 1inch Could Also Experience Price Pump

December 5th, 2022 at 8:07 pm UTC · 3 min read

The coin market is billed to experience a great spell which will see some crypto assets rise in price. Dogeliens (DOGET),  Klaytn (KLAY), and 1inch (1INCH) are part of the crypto assets expected to have a great run in the coming months. The new meme coin Dogeliens (DOGET) aims to achieve unprecedented success in the meme space, whilst the other existing tokens could be a bargain.

Dogeliens (DOGET)

Crypto Price Prediction: Dogelients Tipped to Reach $1 As Klaytn and 1inch Could Also Experience Price Pump

Dogeliens aim to be the most successful dog token in the crypto market, even believing it has what it takes to surpass Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE). Dogeliens will combine Metaverse and GameFi benefits, along with utilizing meme hype to become a top crypto asset in the coin market.

The new crypto project is community focused, and it hopes to be a fun ecosystem with multiple opportunities for generating wealth. Users will use NFTs to explore the Dogeliens spaceship and to have exclusive membership benefits. The Dogeliens ecosystem will also contain Barkington University and the Dogeliens Academy; platforms which will provide users with access to beneficial educational content that will facilitate users’ growth and ensure individuals know more about the crypto space.

The educational contents are free and easily accessible to users. However, some of them will require a fee to ensure an increase in DOGET’s value. Beyond facilitating payment for educational content, DOGET will power other transactions in the ecosystem, especially at the pupstore. It will facilitate NFTs minting, voting, staking, and other utilities.

Dogeliens hopes its utilities can improve adoption rate, increasing its chances of market success. Developers of Dogeliens are dedicated to implementing effective marketing strategies that can help it rival Dogecoin’s market prominence. Experts believe the next few years are important to Dogeliens (DOGET), and it may experience an unprecedented price rally within this period.

The presale meme token is billed as one of the few meme coins that’ll cross the $1 mark. This could mean huge profit in the long run if you purchase it on presale now. Join the presale now to be among the top gainers from the token.

Klaytn (KLAY)

Klaytn is another crypto project with a metaverse application and utility in GameFi. The decentralized public blockchain enables metaverse developers to enjoy high scalability and interoperability, as well as swift transaction speed. The blockchain platform functions as a perfect host for play-to-earn (P2E) games and blockchain-based games.

Klaytn’s one-second time to finality and other features like organizational acceptance and governance structure has improved the platform’s acceptance over the years. Klaytn’s utility token KLAY has increased in value due to this rise in adoption. Klay serves as the platform’s utility and governance token. It was a high-performing cryptocurrency in the 2021 bull rally, setting a new all-time high (ATH). The crypto asset is tipped to replicate its previous run in the coming year, but it may not exceed its current ATH.

1inch (1INCH)

Crypto Price Prediction: Dogelients Tipped to Reach $1 As Klaytn and 1inch Could Also Experience Price Pump

1inch is a multi-chain liquidity protocol. The platform acts as a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator to provide users with high liquidity at low rates. 1inch achieves this by sourcing liquidity across multiple protocols. It is one of the most scrutinized crypto projects, and users can be assured of the optimum security of data and assets on the platform.

1INCH is the platform’s native token and facilitates the network’s functionality. Although the crypto asset’s current run doesn’t reflect its profitable run in the previous year, analysts have predicted it to be a rewarding buy. The crypto asset is tipped to experience a pump, which may yield profit for holders.

Find out more about the Dogeliens: Presale, Website, Telegram.

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