Crypto Space Becomes Closer to People: XRP Easily Converted to Cash at a Japanese ATM

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Crypto Space Becomes Closer to People: XRP Easily Converted to Cash at a Japanese ATM
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Cryptocurrencies are continuing their way to mass adoption. Now it can take only a few seconds to convert XRP to cash with the help of ATMs.

The issue of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies has become one of the main challenges for the crypto community. But while some companies and organizations are only speaking about possible tools and instruments aimed at mainstreaming mass adoption, others are taking active measures. Ripple and XRP are definitely among real gamechangers.

Ripple is actively working on making cryptos closer to the widest audience possible. Moreover, it has already achieved significant results in streamlining and facilitation of a great number of processes and procedures for banking and financial institutional with the help of its products and technologies.

Though earlier, to carry out a transaction (especially if we speak about cross-border payments) companies needed to wait for a couple of days sometimes, now transactions may take only a few seconds, and what’s more, they can be fully controlled and are absolutely safe.

On its way to success, Ripple has managed to establish a wide range of valuable partnerships and one of the most amazing projects aimed at promotion of XRP is definitely its collaboration with Wirex. Wirex is a well-known UK-based debit card provider which has recently added Ripple’s XRP wallet to its portfolio.

Having made XRP wallets available for their 1.3 million customers from different corners of the world, Wirex has become one of the first digital payment platforms to support the crypto. It means that now its clients will have a possibility to spend their XRP using Wirex Visa card practically everywhere.

Wirex is always trying to make things as simple as possible. It enables its customers to convert fiat and cryptocurrencies via a secure 3D debit card. What is extremely important for holders of this card, it is accepted by almost 40 million merchants.

So, it is possible to say that after signing this important partnership agreement with Wirex, XRP can be used like fiat. You can pay for things with XRP just utilizing your Wirex card if its supported in the chosen outlet.

Morever, it is possible to link your Wirex XRP wallet to your debit or credit card, which will make your payments even simpler. With the help of Wirex Visa card you can spend your XRP in any location.

A new opportunity available for XRP holders has been recently demonstrated on Twitter.

It took only a few seconds to convert XRP to cash at a Japanese ATM. Though it was needed to buy GBP or USD before completion of this conversion, it is still a very important step forward. Now it is possible to spend XRP without turning to intermediaries.

It’s worth mentioning that recently Ripple has managed to make a lot of positive headlines. Some of them were about Ripple’s new products but the most impressive and significant for the crypto community piece of news is definitely about the performance of XRP. During the last week, it gained over 88%.

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