’s CIX100 Index Get Listed on NASDAQ

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Photo: Jason Kuffer / Flickr receives a new boost after it’s CIX100 index got listed on the Nasdaq’s platform.

The future seems brighter for the NASDAQ platform with the listing of Cryptoindex’s CIX100 index. Cryptoindex is one of the performing indexes for investors in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

This news is encouraging for the crypto market at large. Openings with such scale, particularly those of neuro-based projects, confirm that classical exchange networks are more than ready for innovation and reflect a massive acceptance that’s looming. Initially, the CIX100 Index was listed on TradingView, Bloomberg, and Reuters. Listing on Nasdaq is the last stage for Cryptoindex to be approved as a serious participant in the present crypto indices market.

“Human-Free” Data 

As a crypto market benchmark, Cryptoindex aims to be the most useful entry point for newcomers and professional investors. Cryptoindex analyzes data about the top 100 cryptocurrencies, applying over 200 factors while excluding coins with fake volume and ranks. Now this “human-free” Data is within every crypto society member on Nasdaq.

Cryptoindex’s advisor, Austin Kimm stated:

“The Cryptoindex team is honoured to be listed on Nasdaq, which has always been a key platform for institutional investors to monitor classical indices. Now ‘sit’s time for a cryptocurrency one. Cryptoindex’s methodology meets the needs and requirements of heavily regulated asset managers, plus institutional and professional investors.”

Venturing deeper into the crucial information, a proprietary AI algorithm analyses received data from the ”Big Nine’ Nine’ cryptocurrency platforms. It also processes essential information containing the outcome of new announcements and millions of trades. The index only lists cryptocurrencies that have maintained the top 200 for three months consecutively. However, it rebalances every month intending to detect cryptos with counterfeit (human-made) volume. 

 For the past two years, Cryptoindex has been showing magnificent results. For instance, it has accumulated +1100% — furthermore, AI-based forecast operating with an accuracy of about 82% daily.

About CryptoIndex

Over 2500 coins are existing, and Cryptoindex is one of the lucky highly ranked 100 performing coins. AI gathers data from GitHub, Twitter, news, cryptocurrency exchanges, and extracting insights plus incorporating filters to design the final rating. 

The platform also serves as the go-to crypto market that offers a lot of updated analytics and information. Including a readily accessible top order book information, real-time trading, price quotes, and crypto market news.

Besides Bloomberg and Reuters, TradingView, one of the rapidly growing and the largest social network, has incorporated As a result, it has skyrocketed the monthly international audience of investors and traders from over 100 nations to 8 million.


The NASDAQ is a digital exchange with no physical trading ground. However, it operates all ‘sit’s trades via the telecommunications system and computers. The platform is a dealer’s market where brokers trade stocks via a market maker as opposed to peers. A market maker specialized in the specific stocks and retained some stocks on his books to enable brokers to purchase shares directly from the market maker. 

The firm is based in Times Square, New York. The building is popularly recognized due to its massive outdoor display that offers 24/7 trending financial information.

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