Google Officially Presents Its Pixel 4, Pixel Buds and Pixelbook Go

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by Christopher Hamman · 4 min read

Google’s hardware event came with a lot of expectations that were met and a few pleasant surprises as well. The company’s stock has risen.

True to form, Google delivered on many of its promises as the leaks and many expectations were met. The Pixel 4 (about it we’ve already reported) and its XL Variant offered the goods and a bit more than expected. Besides, Google seems to be going head-to-head with other technology giants like Apple and Samsung with the release of the new devices. 

The Google pixel buds Generation 2 was totally out of this world. The buds are wireless, they enable differentiation of sounds like those on the street and co even when they fit into the ear due to their unique design which allows for one to be able to know what sound is and what being aware at the same time also is.

So, incidents and accidents will be prevented when using Google pixel buds. The buds will be available in 2020 and have a price tag of $179. The listening time of the buds comes to around five hours and if you have the wireless charging case about 24 hours. 

Google then did something that took everyone by surprise: they have decided to launch the stadia streaming service on November 19 which is going to give everyone the Christmas vibes a month early. The company then announced an investment of $150 million in renewable energy projects which sounds like not-so-friendly competition for the title of the most socially responsible company from other technology giants.

Then the search engine giant also announced the pre-orders of the Chromebook named Pixelbook GO in black only. The new Pixelbook is ultra slim (about 13mm), goes for about 12 hours and has less than 12 lbs. of weight.

The introduction of the Google Nest Mini which follows up from last years’ home mini costs $49 and also has a color option referred to as “Sky” which is made from 100% recycled bottles. The bass is 2X as strong as the home mini and has a hole hook in the back for hanging it on the walls.

The Nest aware service also got an upgrade as well. The event videos will now cost $6 for single event videos and longer event videos will cost $12. The fee is now flat for all the cameras as opposed to formerly being priced per camera. The Nest Wifi which is the sequel to the Google wifi has an inbuilt hub. With an improved area coverage of up to 25%, the Nest wifi will also come with repeaters.

Google Pixel 4 is in a class of its own by being the first smartphone to have radar. With the introduction of the much talked about project Soli, almost everything can be done on the phone with hand gestures. Now Google has specifically mentioned that privacy is protected and the sensors that guide Soli doesn’t record or collect any information ever. With an update to the Titan M chip which offers quite the amount of bang for the processor also shows up in the speed of the applications as they load. The face unlock, Google smart assistant and even passwords get better security.

The voice recorder may look like the regular run-of-the-mill voice recorder but it also comes with other capabilities too. The bright screen of the Pixel comes with a 90Hz refresh rate which allows for a lovely screen with great brightness. With two cameras on the back and a 2X telephoto lens, the hardware does what it is supposed to do. The truth though is that Google isn’t focused on the hardware capabilities which they do a great job on but rather on the software capabilities which can make the hardware overdeliver results.

One great thing about the Pixel for is the HDR feature which offers the What-You-See-is-What-You-Get live fea.ture making it function very much like a studio camera with realistic-looking images. The white balance can tell the difference between the object being photographed and the background lights which makes the photographs look amazing.

The astrophotography is another feature which allows for four-minute photographs of the stars. It takes clear-cut pictures of the stars with amazing depth and clarity. Although pictures of the moon and shadowy hills may not be available yet, a software update could just take care of that.

It’s also worth mentioning that the company’s stock positively reacted to the debut of Pixel 4. Google stock gained approximately 1.9% to near $1,240.

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