dApps for Business Ecosystems Now Made Easy by Squeezer.io

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dApps for Business Ecosystems Now Made Easy by Squeezer.io

Squeezer.io will solve the problem of expensive blockchain developers with its three services allowing to develop decentralized apps with the utmost ease.

Businesses all over the world are turning towards decentralized ledger technology, such as blockchain. They are increasingly finding the efficiency of the technology outweighing the cost of investment. Even then, with massive benefits that blockchain offers, there are issues that many organizations find too much of a bother. Squeezer.io, is on mission to change that.

Blockchain, whilst simplifying businesses processes, has a lot more going on behind the scenes than what a typical user gets to see. Not every programmer can start coding in blockchain immediately. The technology requires a strong programming skill in languages such as C++ and Solidity. Apart from the programming skills, another requirement of running blockchain ecosystems is on the hardware side. Even though blockchain is a decentralized technology, it does have specific hardware requirements, such as for running nodes.

The hardware although adding cost in deployment of blockchain, is still a one time investment. For many organizations, the programmer is the bottleneck. With high demand for blockchain developers and lack of professionals in the market, the simple demand and supply rule means that they are getting expensive to hire. A blockchain programmer in the United States, for example, earns on an average 50% more than other developers.

Squeezer.io is a platform that offers Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) that allows developers to rapidly inject dApps into their existing framework. The platform offers three very distinct and interconnected services that allow any organization to develop and deploy decentralized apps with the utmost ease.

The first such service, Squeezer Framework, is an open source Command Line Interface (CLI). The Framework is perfect for deployment of dApps in serverless environments. With Framework, users will be able to configure ecosystems requirements with a few commands.

Another service is Squeezer Platform. It allows users to simply find files to a project they want in Github, download the files and start coding immediately. With basic project data and instructions available, users will fastrack as they do not have to develop dApps from scratch. Deployment of the dApp is also made easy since it can simply be uploaded to the cloud.

And the third service is Squeezer ChainKit. With serverless dApps, Squeezer ChainKit allows developers to interact with any blockchain system, without the need of downloading the complete local and using developer environment to test their dApps.

Nick Chisiu, CEO of Squeezer.io and a former blockchain consultant to ConSensys, is very confident that with load bearing and project database services of Squeezer, there will be increase in blockchain and dApp adoption:

“Building dApps and learning blockchain technologies is great, developers will always love to play with new stacks. We need a solution to facilitate the blockchain access for developers and get rid of the never-ending setups. I see Squeezer as a great candidate to boost the blockchain adoption.”

Other features of Squeezer.io include, agnostic integration, two-way blockchain payment systems, wallet double encryption, attaching smart contracts easily, switching from one blockchain to another in seconds and even connecting legacy infrastructures with blockchains.

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