Decentralized Ad Network AdEx to Launch Its Token Sale on June 30

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Decentralized Ad Network AdEx to Launch Its Token Sale on June 30
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The blockchain-based ad platform is expected to improve today’s digital marketing industry, providing higher transparency and minimizing the risk of ad fraud.

A decentralized ad exchange, AdEx, will launch the sale of its digital tokens called ADX on Friday, the company announced in a blog post.

AdEx is a decentralized platform that aims to replace centralized solutions, which are vulnerable to privacy violations and ad frauds. With the use of the distributed ledger technology, the project seeks to improve the online ad market by solving transparency issues and reducing the risk of fraud. In addition to higher transparency, the platform will provide better control for ad publishers and will allow them to easily interact with advertisers.

“The solution offered by AdEx seeks to benefit all parties involved in the online advertising ecosystem, which means end users as well as advertisers and publishers, while removing unnecessary and downright risky elements currently associated with centralized infrastructure,” said Ivo Georgiev, CEO of AdEx.

AdEx will use Ethereum-based smart contracts that will eliminate the need for intermediaries and simplify bidding and payment processes.

During the campaign, which will end on July 30, the project intends to raise 40,000 ETH. Over the period, 80% of all the issued ADX tokens will be available for early supporters. 16% of the currency will be reserved for AdEx developers and advisors, which will be vested for one year to ensure development of the platform. The remaining 4% will be distributed between WINGS DAO and the bounty campaign for the community. The tokens will be offered at a price of 1 ETH per 900 ADX.

In order to promote the sale of tokens, AdEx has also partnered with the Wings Foundation, the developer of WINGS DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). The deal allows the project to efficiently estimate and optimize the amount of tokens supplied for the fundraising.

Wings Foundation is the Switzerland-based team of blockchain professionals who are committed to bring blockchain projects to the mainstream. The projects launched by WINGS use a new DAO technology, which combines both smart contracts and blockchains.

The first prototype of the platform is planned to be launched in February 2018. As AdEx noted, before the release the prototype will undergo independent audit, while its code will be open-source.

A blockchain-based digital content distribution platform, DECENT, is preparing to launch its platform this Friday. With the application of the distributed ledger technology, the company plans to make the online publishing space more cost-effective, transparent and secure.

On Monday, MetaX and DMA started a crowdsale for the development of their digital advertising platform called adChain, which is expected to improve online advertising supply chain.

Another blockchain platform, called TrueFlip, is going to launch an ICO this week. The lottery service is planning to raise 1,000 BTC during the campaign that will begin tomorrow.

Earlier this month, an online gaming platform Skincoin launched an ICO aiming to raise 100,000 ETH during the campaign. The platform managed to overcome its minimum goal of 5000 ETH in the first 24 hours of the sale.

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