Decentralized AR/VR Platform Cappasity Announces Phase 2 of the ICO

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Decentralized AR/VR Platform Cappasity Announces Phase 2 of the ICO
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The company which has boosted the development of virtual and augmented reality wants to attract more users via the public token sale.

The usage of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality has evidently changed through the last decade. It started as a groundbreaking technology which was extremely expensive and required lots of costly equipment. Today VR/AR brings incredible gaming experience, changes marketing campaigns and turns museums in first-person action movies.

Cappasity is a company which has solved the main problem of wide VR/AR/3D content – its lack. The first decentralized content-oriented global 3D platform has already achieved great success. The company has gained significant support from venture capital like Decema. However, it did not become an obstacle for Cappasity to rise over $2.5 million in cryptocurrencies during Phase 1 of CAPP token sales.

The second round of CAPP sales is about to start: the tokens will be available for purchase during one month from the 22 of February to the 22 of March. Even though at the moment the CAPP token takes the 240th position by market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap, the hard cap of $20 million is likely to be reached before the end of the sale period. The early birds who signed up before the 22th of February are rewarded with 10% bonus.

The CAPP token is the main currency of the Cappasity ecosystem. The basic usage of the cryptocurrency is purchase of AR/VR/3D content. The platform offers a wide variety of ways to create the content. Cappasity content is compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, Apple ARKit and Google ARCore technologies. The blockchain architecture enables the secure, safe and convenient way to purchase content.

The users of Cappasity may not only spend CAPP, but get rewards. For sure, the creation of content is paid, but there are other ways of gaining some utility tokens. Active users can get rewarded for verifying, moderating and selling the content.

Cappasity has two more reward programs which worth mentioning. One of them is CAPP Airdrop. The company is going to offer a generous amount of bonus tokens to everyone who purchased and held CAPP tokens in 2018. That makes the Phase 2 sale a good deal. One more project is known as Cappasity’s Innovation Fund. The fund was created to stimulate the development of the platform. Nearly 10 million US dollars will be given to the members of Cappasity after the Phase 2.

Cappasity is successful not only in attracting participants, but in making clients. Jazmin Chebar, Claris Virot has been noticed among the brands working with the company. The list of customers of Cappasity also includes New York Academy of Art and 30 US educational institutions. It has also established partnership with such tech giants like Intel and Nvidia. One of the most global projects of Cappasity is its collaboration with Alibaba team aimed at creating 3D product imaging solution for 750 million of users.

Virtual and argued reality has definitely influenced lots of different industries. But Cappasity changed the rules of the game for this technology: it gave a brilliant idea a breakthrough of being implemented into everyday life.

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