Decentralized Internet Skywire Mainnet Launched by Skycoin

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Decentralized Internet Skywire Mainnet Launched by Skycoin

A new blockchain ecosystem Skycoin has recently introduced the developer version of decentralized Internet Skywire, a mesh network of interconnected devices.

One of the most fascinating things about the Internet is that nobody owns it. There is no single firm, organization or entity that can lay claim on it. However, there are bottlenecks that can effectively cut out people from accessing the immense knowledge the Internet holds. Governments, regulatory bodies and Internet Service Providers control the flow of information in and out of countries. This can be used to censor, restrict and even block Internet access.

Skywire is a decentralized mesh network of interconnected devices that allows the unrestricted flow of information. Skycoin, the company behind the concept, has released the developer version of the decentralized Internet. The developer version of the mainnet is designed specifically for programmers, who can install the Skywire application to start running the distributed Internet protocol. This allows firms and organizations to start coding distributed applications (dApps) well before the public release.

The Skywire mainnet has been custom built from scratch and has various supporting features, such as:

  • SkyMessenger: A fully encrypted messaging app, free from prying eyes.
  • SDN: An end to end VPN for the ultimate level of privacy.
  • Skyminer: A hardware setup that allows anyone to provide bandwidth and storage to power the network.
  • BBS: A distributed social network.

As a decentralized Internet, Skywire offers a secure and censorship free access to online data. It is always online and unstoppable.

The developer version of the mainnet is just one of the many updates and quirks that Skywire will have. Skycoin, the company behind Skywire, has been testing the network and its capability for 10 months, using a strong network of nearly 10,000 nodes. With the mainnet now live, Skycoin will not be stopping there.

It has a number of other projects that will run in support of the Skywire Internet. For instance, Bandwidth Monetization will allow users to earn Coin Hours by providing the networks with great bandwidth. CoinJoin will allow for private crypto transactions through the platform’s native Skycoin. Remote Nodes will provide developers with the possibility to control and manage unlimited number of nodes remotely. CXO, a distributed data storage facility tailored for the Skywire network, Coin Hours Bank and special updates to the UI are also in this list.

Skycoin was formed when three different projects were combined into a major single platform, in 2011. The initial aim was to find ways to improve upon the shortcomings of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. As the developers of Skycoin worked on a new blockchain system, they realized that there was more to just being a good cryptocurrency for any digital money to succeed. The acceptance of crypto relied not only on its being easy to mine, energy efficient and having a faster confirmation time, but also on facilitating its usage in daily lives by users and the ability to be resistant to censorship.

Skywire, the decentralized Internet, is the answer to that. A data exchange network just like the Internet, but allowing anyone to interact with others and send payments easily.

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