Decentralized Platform Ncrypto Networks OU Launches Tokenization Platform

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Decentralized Platform Ncrypto Networks OU Launches Tokenization Platform
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A decentralized crypto assets network Ncrypto has launched its tokenization platform, which is currently available in its beta release.

10 years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto published his famous whitepaper concerning a decentralized cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. Once thought of as nothing more than a novel eccentricity, the blockchain industry has blossomed into a USD 830,000,000,000 industry by the end of 2017. Cryptocurrency is now a reality that even the most conservative of financial institutions have come to agree it is here to stay.

Crowdfunding is a concept that has been carried into the crypto economy sphere as Token Generation Event (TGE). Even with an excellent concept, developers still need funding to kick off their projects. Tokenization services such as TGEs come in handy in accessing investors who can acquire the tokens for a cheaper rate, injecting much needed finances.

This works as a mutually beneficial exercise, with developers getting funding to convert their ideas into a practical service and the investors gaining profit through the subsequent rise of token value.

Ncrypto is a decentralized platform that has kicked off its tokenization platform. The platform with its easy-to-execute services makes blockchain technology affordable to all developers. The platforms offers unique modular services.

Payment System Provider (PSP) is a service that allows for fiat crypto backing of tokenization. Integrated Marketplace represents itself a one stop place for acquiring and trading of cryptos. Localization Services provides the development of jurisdiction/ language specific services to cater for specific demographics. And, finally, Wallet Services give investors and token holders an opportunity to store their digital assets.

Perhaps, one the most unique service of the Ncrypto platform is the modular nature of the TGE on their marketplace. The token launcher has the ability to interact with an investor through a visual web page that contains details of the crowdsale. The platform allows project launchers to even connect with their backers through a QR code.

Through its platform, Ncrypto offers a transparent and completely open platform for people to launch their tokens and offer exchange services to investors and traders.

Ncrypto, in order to make its services as smooth as possible, has applied and received a financial services license, “Providing financial services, Delivering services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency”, (license # FVR000278) and “Providing financial services, Supplying customers with a virtual currency wallet service number” (license # FRK000236).

The Ncrypto is currently available in its beta release, going through a battery of tests to ensure no bugs in the system should exist when the platform goes live.

Ncrypto utility token is powering the platform. Starting from today, 11th of November, the token is officially available for investors. With 1,000,000 Ncrypto tokens up for backers to invest in, the first week of the event will see a 44% bonus. The platforms’ native tokens will be available for 1 Ncrypto = 0.5 USD.

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