Decentralized Search Engine BitClave Wants to Disrupt Digital Ad Market, ICO Launches Tomorrow

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Decentralized Search Engine BitClave Wants to Disrupt Digital Ad Market, ICO Launches Tomorrow
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Bitclave launches its highly anticipated ICO tomorrow, September 15th, following an incredibly successful presale conducted in July.

Today businesses are forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money to middlemen in order to reach their target audiences no matter whether we speak about online or offline ad industry.

At the same time, businesses always have no guarantee that, firstly, their promotion would reach the audience instead of ending up in their spam box, and, secondly, no one could prove that the traffic they generate on their promotions is genuine (especially given that nearly 50% of all advertising traffic is generated by bots).
In such a way, sellers pay for likes, views and clicks having extremely low conversion rates, and, correspondingly, extremely low return on investment.

Of course, all these negatively impact the whole value chain: companies are forced to pay increasing amounts to middlemen, thus pushing a higher price markup, consequently making consumers pay more for products and services. As the result, businesses end up losing money, and consumers, in their turn, end up paying more for less value.

To battle these problems Blockchain startup BitClave proposes a solution launching the “Bitclave Active Search Ecosystem” (BASE) – a decentralized ecosystem directly connecting consumers and businesses.

In other words, BASE is a search engine that connects users directly with what they’re looking for, enabling them to create profiles outlining types of interesting content, and actively search for specific messages.

Having control over personal data users can filter out irrelevant ads, which ensures that paid advertising only reaches those who will definitely find it relevant. Serving personalized, relevant offers directly to target users, businesses avoid wasting money on ads that reach irrelevant audiences.

Apart from that, users have the opportunity to get rewarded using BASE.

According to the project’s whitepaper the rewarding mechanism works the following way: the customer and retailer are facing software interact. The customer publishes a unique confirmation (Proof-of-View) that he/she viewed the offer and the business verifies that the confirmation corresponds to the correct offer. A confirmed view event will trigger CAT reward from retailer to customer for viewing the offer.

Due to the reward system BASE may also serve as a solution for the ad-blocking problem, which has been making it hard for publishers to profit from their content in recent years. Who would block the ads if there is a real opportunity to profit from viewing them?

Base’s security

When it comes to personal data users of any tech tend to be quite tense, as nowadays the problem of potential data breaches is becoming more and more acute.

In fact, each new cyberattack undermines customers’ loyalty, tarnishes a brand and causes a lot of discomfort for millions of users due to exposure of their private data.

Bitclave’s all-star team of security experts headed by the former Chief Security Officer of LG Electronics seeks to protect Ecosystem’s users by safeguarding their data on a nonhackable blockchain infrastructure that allows users to opt-in and select organizations to open the access to their data.

Using BASE customers conduct searches on an alternative search engine owing to which their personal data is being sold to individually: it does not allow millions of internet brands pay Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google to get access to the personal information.

Presale and official ICO

On July 25th BitClave opened up the BASE to Internet users and trusted business partners by offering access to Consumer Activity Tokens (CAT). This incredibly successful presale earned over $1.8 million USD, reaching its soft cap in less than 48 hours.

In this regard, Alex Bessonov, CEO of BitClave, stated:

Our presale earlier this year was incredibly successful. Right from when we opened at 4:00 am Pacific Time, transaction volumes were off the charts! We met our soft cap within two days and anticipate a similar response to our upcoming full sale.

“We’ve built a unique system that will benefit a lot of people and businesses. The launch of our token will be the first step in getting people excited about using BitClave and showing the power of a decentralized search ecosystem.” – added Patrick Tague, CTO at BitClave.

To recap, highly anticipated official ICO will start tomorrow, September 15th at 4 am Pacific Time, and will continue for a month till October 15.

ICO’s details:

• Token generation cap: 2 billion
• Token crowdfunding distribution: 1 billion
• Tokens exchange: 1 CAT = $0.07 USD

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