Decentralized Social Media Platform Aims to Disrupt a Controlled Marketing Industry

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Decentralized Social Media Platform Aims to Disrupt a Controlled Marketing Industry
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The world of marketing and advertising was completely different two decades ago when brands and advertisers used banner ads, print content and TV commercials to grab people’s attention.

Although the process seemed easier and rather transparent, it featured many challenges. Surveys and questionnaires used to be a brand’s best tactic for customer profiling.

One of the main challenges of advertisers is battling fake data and online fraud. Both content creators and influencers are concerned that third parties are in control of their videos, images, IP addresses, and content. Rumor has it that Facebook sold ads worth $100,000 to fake accounts in Russia during the presidential elections in the US.

A $1.4 million fine followed in 2017 from a Spanish data protector regular that accused Facebook of harvesting user data illegally. In industries such as banking, things are looking even worse. 145.4 mln customers of Equifax, a credit reporting agency with businesses in over 88 countries, recently lost their privacy after their accounts got hacked and their personal information was stolen and then released publicly.

Honest advertisers currently deal with challenges they’re not ready to tackle. Fake data comes in the way of most online marketing campaigns. No control over copyrights and IP addresses, fake news and ad fraud have gone mainstream, putting consumers in jeopardy.

A Decentralized Profile-based Economy Might be the Solution

With a social media environment dominating the advertising ecosystem and profile uses, there’s no interest in protecting the intellectual property of the users. User profiles have tremendous value, which is why the market is inefficient and flawed. Vast amounts of data and information is generated on the Internet and by the Internet. A profile-based economy powered by Blockchain could make things right. Consumers would be in charge of their data; they could monetize and tokenize it as they please.

Robin8 marks a new generation of social media – a system powered by Blockchain where consumers are the media and not the other way round. The project commits to protecting user data using big data and artificial intelligence. On the Robin8 marketplace, the people are empowered to monetize the information they share, whereas brands leverage Profile Utility Token (PUT) to purchase information from consumers. This way, the people get rewarded for what rightfully theirs (data) and advertisers make an honest profit by tokenizing their ad campaigns within a scalable, transparent ecosystem.

The technology made available by Robin8 currently addresses the digital marketing and advertising space. However, upon successful completion of the ICO, the end goal goes beyond marketing and disrupt other industries like banking and finance, where consumers are constantly predisposed to getting their accounts hacked.

Tokenizing User Data on the Blockchain Technology

Digital marketing campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter don’t reward the user. The aim is to leverage all means necessary – including fake ads and clickbait articles – to trick the customer into visiting a website or subscribe to a newsletter with the intention to steal their personal information.

On the Robin8 platform, the PUT token is currency used to make all transactions. Prospects get PUT to make an account, invite friends, like/share content, and advertisers buy the tokens to rewards loyal customers willing to provide the data willingly on a secure, trusted and transparent decentralized marketplace.

The team behind the Robin8 project are experienced in everything Blockchain-related. Founded in 2015, the existing platform has a global client base of 30 mln users, out of which 250,000 have already signed up, upon the launch of the Robin8 app and ICO. With over 5,000 influencer campaigns, the platforms include renowned clients like Unilever, Porsche, Star Alliance, Tumblr, Mars, and numerous others.

The founders are experts in digital media, PR, artificial intelligence and research, digital media, and engineering. Together with a committed advisory board eager to make a difference and disrupt traditional social media, the Robin8 PUT crowdsale kickstarts today,  January 8, 2018.

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