Blockchain Startup Internxt is Launching X Cloud’s Alpha Version in Few Weeks

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by Svetlana Rud · 2 min read
Blockchain Startup Internxt is Launching X Cloud’s Alpha Version in Few Weeks
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Alpha version of decentralized internet X Cloud is likely to appear in few weeks, according to Internxt Twitter.

Blockchain Startup Internxt, which intends to create the internet of new generation, based on decentralized cloud technology, announced on Twitter the first big release after ICO campaign, organized in September 2017.

According to the tweet, the company rebranded its website and loaded new video containing some information about the company and its main product – X Cloud, the first decentralized internet service.

“X Core sits at the very core of Internxt’s products and services. Giving life to the decentralized era of the Internet. User files are end-to-end encrypted and split into small pieces when hosted in the P2P network,” the company states.

Previously Internxt confirmed development schedule and announced launch of X Cloud Alpha version with all core infrastructure codes by February 2018. The further steps include creation of the first Beta version of X Cloud for Windows, OS X, Android, and IOS by the end of April. A full stable release for all versions are to be available by the end of May 2018.

It should be added, that the company intends to release X Cloud Alpha version in a few weeks. “Alpha release coming up in a few weeks! Stay tuned!” the company stated on Twitter.

The Internxt token (INXT) will be used to pay for the X cloud services like data storage. The Internxt token will also allow users to sell the resources of their machines to those who are looking to host data.

No wonder, that high interest to such innovative and prospective project as Internxt reflected on the price of  INXTs. The token rose by 600% since the beginning of December and hit its high of $25,23 on December 27, 2017.

In subsequent days, the price was continuing to grow with some fluctuations and reached new high of $33.68 on January 6, 2018, according to the data from CoinMarketCap.

Predictably, INXT price should increase close to the date of X Cloud Alpha version announcement. Today INXT is trading at $30 which is close to its several days ago peak price . Moreover, today’s price reflects INXT increase by 15%.

All in all, the time will show whether Internxt will manage to reach its main goal becoming able to provide “innovative decentralized Internet services, that allow everyone to benefit from a more secure, private and independent Internet.”

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