Decentralized Video Hosting Platform TOP Will Launch ICO on September 23

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Decentralized Video Hosting Platform TOP Will Launch ICO on September 23
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The first global blockchain-based video hosting TOP intends to revolutionize the established mechanism of video industry and invites investors to participate in its own ICO starting on September 23, 2017.

TOP (Tour on a profit), the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized video hosting, has officially declared the launching of its own ICO, which is going to start on September 23, 2017 and last until October 23, 2017.

As the global video industry continues to grow and expand rather rapidly, seemingly providing video authors with billions of income, the world’s video market transforms into a great YouTube platform’s monopoly, controlling the whole sphere and, in fact, paying much less, than it could. Bloggers have no other option but taking YouTube rules of play.

Larger channels take a great advantage over smaller ones as they have an opportunity to collaborate with advertisers, which can significantly increase their profit. In addition, that affects ordinary video hosting users as well, as they are forced to watch a great amount of unwanted advertisements in order to reach the videos of their favourite authors for free.

COO of TOP Alex Litman said:

“The global video industry is growing, generating billions of revenue for authors, advertisers and YouTube video hosting. Despite this, the current bureaucratic system largely underestimates the authors’ incomes. Bloggers are forced to rely on the monopolized YouTube platform, which pays significantly less than it could. Large channels that rely on direct cooperation with advertisers can accept this, but small channels are not able to survive on this tiny stream of revenue. This really is a big problem.”

TOP is aimed to change that established mechanism and design a new-age decentralized video hosting, which would be totally transparent, easy to use and fair to all stakeholders – video authors, advertisers and ordinary video hosting users.

The scheme is quite clear – ordinary users will gain coins while watching their favourite videos, video authors will receive three times more profit than they do now and advertisers will be able to use the advertising services without overpaying.

What is more, all adverts and banners embedding will become automatic without any threat to direct collaboration between bloggers and advertisers. All payments will be made in TOP tokens.

All users will have an ability to control their payments in their personal accounts, as all transactions will be fixed in the blockchain. In addition, users will have an opportunity to exchange their TOP tokens for real money. All unexpected advertisements, which sometimes may seem annoying, will bring money to hosting users as a reward for their views. The reward for watching 24 hours of videos will be 1 TOP token. The time of views will be accumulated in user’s personal account during a month.

Starting from September 23, 2017, 14:00 UTC all interested investors will have an opportunity to take part in the crowdsale with Ethereum (ETH). TOP tokens are intended to be traded on major exchanges. To maximize the implementation of this project, the development team has installed Hard Cap 150 000 ETH and Soft Cap 15 000 ETH. The team will have a 3-year schedule of accruals, clif will be 6 months. That is, the team will receive 1/6 of the tokens every half a year.

CFO of TOP Bohdan Kozhevnikov said:

“Our team think that the amount of Hard Cap (150 000 ETH) is financially justified. Purchase of expensive equipment, marketing and PR and also remuneration of labor and legal services will enable to launch video hosting in the shortest possible time and with 100% efficiency.”

Distribution of tokens:

• 70% of TOP tokens will be distributed to investors of crowdsale
• 20% will be distributed to team members and partners
• 10% for bounty campaign.

The collected funds are going to be shared in the following way: 40 % will go to all the necessary equipment; 20% will be spent on development purposes; 20% – on marketing activities; 12% will go to salary and 8% to legal needs.

The project is considered to be very perspective and worthy, as it is advantageuos not only for its developers and investors, but also for ordinary video hosting users.

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