DeFi Pioneer: BSC Ecological Dark Horse Lois Network

July 28th, 2021 at 1:41 pm UTC · 4 min read

Nowadays, the great advance of chain DeFi and continuous innovation of digital network can effectively drive the promotion of chain internet. The blockchain platform can meet market demands and help innovation of finance field. Abundant ecology can promote extensive application of platform. In the meanwhile, the chain asset data interaction can enrich the platform expansion, and drive new stage of commercialization era, laying a foundation to the economic development strength of future society.

Value Breakthrough of NFT&DeFi

The Lois Network from BSC intelligence chain ecology is also deemed as one of various decentralized finance solutions. Based on Binance intelligent ecology, Lois Network provides an extensible and flexible DeFi ecology, and supports digital assets transaction, data access and process control through ecological matrix of Lois Network build large-scale chain interaction platform. Lois Network depends on Binance ecology and consolidated underlying technology to construct a diversified, digitized, valued and circulated decentralized financial protocol.

In addition to single DeFi infrastructure, Lois Network also attempts to explore the integration of NFT and DeFi. The NFT and DeFi are combined to promote the liquidity expansion of DeFi. The NFT proposed in Lois Network not only refers to the non-homogeneous asset, but also represents the digital ID of user information and act as the bridge for Lois Network to connect virtual reality world in the future.

Through the double layout of NFT and DeFi, Lois Network will show more possibility in the future and bring new value breakthrough.

Flexible Extensible Solution

  • Compatible system as powerful as Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the strongest ecosystem at present. Lois Network supports the ecology protocol compatible with Bitcoin ecology, and the Lois data transaction structure, Lois-BIP protocol, etc. can be used in the Bitcoin network. Lois Network absorbs more ecological users through openness and compatibility to build the DeFi flow vortex.

DeFi Pioneer: BSC Ecological Dark Horse Lois Network

  • Compatibility with Ethereum network protocol

As the largest breakthrough of public blockchain, Ethereum achieves the invocation of smart contract, and can achieve various complex logic through EVM module. Lois Network also supports the Ethereum network protocol when keeping compatible with Bitcoin ecology protocol. The future Ethereum smart contract can also be synchronized with Lois Network which not only facilitates the invocation of protocol by developer as a technology innovation, but also keeps pace with Ethereum ecology.

  • Compatibility with new value protocol

Lois Network keeps up with Ethereum and Bitcoin in respect of ecology and contract. In the following trend of encryption industry, Lois Network also supports the NFT interface protocol, formulates the uniform standard for the NFT, reduces the threshold for developer to develop NFT and promotes the value circulation of NFT in Lois Network ecology.

In the future, with the support of three protocols of Lois Network, NFT’s inter-blockchain reuse will become a trend, and every NFT will integrate into DeFi system under the engergization of Lois Network, with more powerful liquidity and value.

Moat Brought by Dual-track Token Model

In the previous encrypted ecological solutions, most projects adopted single token economy in order to provide solution in targeted manner. Lois Network issues two kinds of different currency types to provide the diversified and integrated solution through dual-currency double-track token model.

The solution of DeFi3.0 shows that Lois Network issues the Lois currency to lead the incentive, application and circulation of DeFi layer of Lois Network.

The NFTfi solution integrating NFT and DeFi, shows that the non-homogeneous token VIT is obtained through smelting of Lois currency. The VIT is used to lead the implementation of Lois Network NFT. In the future, Lois Network will provide users with new digital identity, visual digital assets, Virtual Reality, etc. through NFT.

Lois Network will build the application ecology of multichain polymerization based on BSC intelligent ecology through the dual-currency double-track system, and will form the inter-blockchain fin-tech service ecology integrating DeFi and NFT, such as the decentralized wallet, debit-credit, financing, decentralized exchange, oracle machine, asset management broker, etc.

DeFi Pioneer: BSC Ecological Dark Horse Lois Network

The era opportunity has blown, and the innovation of development mode of future platform in Lois Network will expand the network ecology of encrypted art better. With the improvement of technical advantages of Lois Network and online finance, Lois Network would certainly drive the advance of decentralized financial industry with ecological value in the future!

Lois Network steps on a global-oriented long journey. The future has come, let’s wait and see.