DNFT: Innovative Finance with DeFi + NFT

Place/Date: - December 28th, 2020 at 10:24 am UTC · 4 min read
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DNFT: Innovative Finance with DeFi + NFT

With the evolution of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherum, for the first time, the world has witnessed truly decentralized financing or DeFi.

For many millennia, humans have been financing on the back of centralized systems. Whether governments or private organizations, these centres of finance record and moderate all our moves in the financial world, and we’ve had no option but to trust them.

Not anymore. DeFi is the largest landmark in the history of financing. We’ve now created a system that allows you to finance freely without having to trust any third parties. You’re finally in control of your own capital.

“DNFT.Finance” is an innovative, one of its kind product from DNFT.Finance Team that allows you to do financing with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on decentralized systems, and make great profits online!

This article is for those interested in being the early birds to the future of financing. In this post, we’re going to give an introduction to financing with DNFT, and explore the various benefits of using DNFT.Finance. Let’s dive into it!

Financing with DNFT

DNFT has built a completely decentralized finance product based on Blockchain, opening circumstances for finance, and the application of monetary protocols.

DNFT.Finance is an outstanding product if you’re willing to make money using NFTs on a DeFi system. With its token (DNFT), the DeFi platform backs its tokens on the ERC721 contract to create a fail-proof, reliable NFT trading platform.

What Problems does DNFT Solve?

If you’re wondering what’s the advantage of picking DNFT over other platforms, here’s a few problems that DNFT solves:

  • TheI. Algorithm: Most DeFi NFT platforms out there don’t have the right algorithm to maintain a sufficient balance between the demand and token pricing. DNFT has created a state of the art algorithm, S.I. Algorithm, that ensures continuous benefits to both buyers and sellers, maintaining fantastic returns for decades! Here’s a sneak peek into the math behind the S.I. Algorithm:

[Cost*Total rate of return*(Number of days held/Number of locked days)] / DNFT Price = Number of Tokens Mined

  • Finance Plan: Countless NFT platforms have bailed out, causing millions of dollars in losses to liquidity providers due to a bad financial plan. DNFT has created an outstanding, fail-proof plan of how your money is managed and distributed.

So far, DNFT launches 40 NFTs as a part of the smart contract. 90% of the sales profit is allocated to Uniswap. This continual investment into Uniswap provides guaranteed pricing for DNFT, giving you stability and returns! The other 10% is spent on bringing more users to the platform (marketing and other techniques).

DNFT: Innovative Finance with DeFi + NFT

DNFT has a total token count of 10 billion, and it has an outstanding token allocation mechanism. 10% of the DNFT tokens will be reserved for early investors and liquidity providers. The other 10% will unlock after three years of DNFT’s setup. The remaining 80% is open for mining and mortgage. This creates a healthy and safe environment to give you the best DeFi + NFT experience!

DNFT: Innovative Finance with DeFi + NFT

  • Investment in Uniswap: As mentioned, a majority of the liquidity goes into Uniswap, and this is perhaps the most important part for any NFT platform.

It is vital for people to be able to easily trade with the DNFT token. Uniswap is one of the most well-established platforms for token trading, and investing in Uniswap is guaranteed to pay off. Furthermore, Uniswap will also help the DNFT token maintain stability in terms of price and provide continuous demand.

Final Thoughts

DNFT.Finance is an excellent DeFi product from DNFT.Finance Team that provides safe, easy, and reliable NFT trading. If you’re looking to create a substantial, reliable side income, DNFT is a top recommendation. With stability and an outstanding financial plan, DNFT promises great returns, especially if you’re an early investor looking for long term profits.

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