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Dogemania Kicks Off on December 22 to Unify All DOGE-themed Communities

December 21st, 2021 at 9:00 am UTC · 3 min read

Dogemania Kicks Off on December 22 to Unify All DOGE-themed Communities

Various DOGE-themed tokens and currencies have noted tremendous growth in 2021. More specifically, these currencies tend to perform well even when the overall cryptocurrency industry price trend notes a bloodbath. Some may point at the influence of Elon Musk, although none of it would be possible without substantial community support. If these communities come together and join forces, the sky is the limit.

To this end, DOGEMANIA launches today, December 22nd 2022, to unite all DOGE communities worldwide, under the core principles of freedom and unity afforded by the DAO status. Establishing a strong DAO community will help Dogemania focus on charity, during the initial stages, but also include the development of native tools and DogeCon programs, including:

  • Locker: a free tool to lock and unlock tokens by using the wallet address making the lock. However, unlocking can only occur at the time recorded in the lock transaction sent to the Dogemania smart contract.
  • NFT Meme Creation Tool: grants the ability to make more DOGE memes and mint them as NFTs. Artists can explore many filters and drawing tools, along with templates and logos of DOGE-like tokens and Dogecoin. The NFTs will reside on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • BRIDOGE: A solution to perform atomic swaps with yield farming opportunities for all DOGE-like tokens, turning them into multi-chain assets. Communities can moe their tokens between networks or stake them to earn yield from fees generated by BRIDOGE.
  • Dogemania DAO Charity Wallet: A smart contract where any token holder can donate to charity. Community members will vote on how the funds will be used and which charities will receive the funds. There is a minimum voting threshold of 10% of all token holders, with a minimum of 100 votes total.

A crucial aspect of bringing together these communities is the creation of the Dogemania DAO. Every token holder joining the Dogemania initiative will become a DAO member and weigh in on this project’s future. That includes voting on modifying existing or created brand new tools, among other things. The Dogemania DAO will launch once the NFT Meme Creation Tool has been unveiled.

DOGECON – The Hottest Meme Event of 2022

The unification of these DOGE-themed communities will take shape during the DOGECOIN event in April 2022. Attendees of this event will head to Tokyo, near the Interpets Asa Pacific. All tickets to the event will be issued as NFT cards, making them part of the unique Dogecoin NFT collection and giving them value beyond attendance. Additionally, the event will not focus on just the DOGE-themed currencies but will also feature a show of dogs found in the cryptocurrency industry, called the Crypto Dogs Show.

DOGEMANIA – Deflationary Meme Asset

Powering the DOGEMANIA ecosystem is the native coin, which has a total emission of 420 trillion coins, of which 20% are locked for token burns, which will happen in 2 stages, and 35% are locked for listing on centralized exchanges.

The remaining 45% of the tokens are locked in PancakeSwap liquidity for the next five years. Buying Dogemania is subject to a 10% fee – 5% for holders, 3% for increasing LP, and 2% DAO charity fee. Selling tokens incurs a 14% fee – 5% to holders, 3% to the LP, 4% DAO charity fee, and 2% is burned forever.

With a deflationary, DAO-based approach and a model that taps into one of the hottest memes of 2021, it will be interesting to see where DOGEMANIA will go in 2022 and beyond.

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