Donocle Lottery Platform: a Perfect Blend of Blockchain and Industry Expertise

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Donocle Lottery Platform: a Perfect Blend of Blockchain and Industry Expertise
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Donocle lottery system set to increase safety and credibility through the combination of self-developed C/S environment and blockchain. Pre-ICO live.

The lottery industry is evolving rapidly together with blockchain and digital currency spheres while growing number of crypto enthusiasts choose this kind of enterteinment to take a rest. Donocle, a transformational lottery platform that uses over 50 types of crypto coins and offers safety and credibility using blockchain tech.

Its lottery algorithm leverages C/S system, which combined with the blockchain, makes the entire raffle process transparent. Objectivity, on the other hand, is additionally maximized  through leveraging of bitcoin blocks used to determine the winning number.

A Strong Team of Experts

Apart from Donocle, project’s team designed and operated Sports TOTO – a bonafide gambling platform, which won the license from the government of Korea meeting all the relevant laws. Presently, the annual revenue of the business has reached 3 Billion USD.

The Donocle developers have also been a steady part of TigerPools, Nanum Lottery Business Consortium, Everbody’s Marble, Warms World Play, Operation Flash Point, etc. Evidently, these expert possess enough knowledge and proficiency in blockchain lottery industry to make a top-notch system for worldwide users.

What Makes It Different?

Wealth of experience and expertise in the blockchain landscape isn’t the only thing that allows Donocle team stand out from the rest of the blockchain-based lottery platforms. Contrary to other systems, Donocle allows users to pay coins and tokens that are already circulating in the market, thereby ensuring easy accessibility. Additionally, merely Donocle tokens can be used to prove a stake in the POS system for profit allocations.

Doncole’s C/S environment is developed between the lottery server and the clients, so everything including purchase, deposit, withdrawal, raffle, and distribution are displayed to increase transparency and fairness. The team has spent over 20 years to build their C/S environment and seamlessly integrated it with blockchain technology to render optimum speed, stability, transparency and security in the system.

One more outstanding feature of Donocle platform is the Proof-of-Stake system, which allows users to optimize their return on investments. Once all the tickets in a session are sold, investors receive 50 types of coins to claim their stake on the POS system by airdrop.

Basically, investors can deposit obtained tokens in the POS system, and avail regular Airdrop incentives in return. Airdrop is a profitable feature that collects coins/tokens that were used to buy raffle tickets, therefore, funds are gathered in the form of MIB coins, crypto coins/tokens, and Donocle tokens. Subsequently, the network allocates 10% of this overall fund for Airdrop, which is lastly distributed amongst users depending on their POS share.

Growth Encouraging Partnerships 

International Digital Currency Markets (IDCM) is the business partner of Donocle platform. The establishments have its headquarter in HongKong and execute Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and provide a listing for Donocle.

Additionally, there is BountyHunters, a Korea-based renowned marketing business that is responsible for the marketing of the platform ‘BountyHunters Korea’. Donocle is also planning to showcase its platform to 30 venture capitals in Hong Kong on November 16th, 2018 grow more strong partnerships. 

By incorporating top-notch technology and expertise in the blockchain and lottery industry realm, Donocle has certainly created a revolutionizing lottery platform. It has successfully streamlined the complex raffle system and made it more accessible, secure, transparent, and efficient.

ICO Details

The ICO period for Donocole Network scheduled to commence from October 8th till January 31st. The PreSale event includes the following benefits : early presale participants will have a chance to receive 100% bonus (08 – 31 October). Those contributing to the project from November 1 till November 14 will be entitled to receive generous 50% bonus. Finally, users participating in the event between November 15th and 28th will also not be put out of mind as they receive 20% bonus.

The total issue of DDL coins makes 600,000,000, those interested in purchase should hold some BTC, ETH or EOS to participate. The project is soft capped at 2,000 BTC, while the hard cap makes 5,000 BTC.

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