Dorian Nakamoto Thanks Bitcoin Community for 48 BTC Donation

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Dorian Nakamoto Thanks Bitcoin Community for 48 BTC Donation

Dorian Nakamoto, who has said he suffered enormously when Newsweek claimed he is mysterious Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, just got a 48 BTC (around $23,000) consolation prize, thanks to a fundraiser held on Reddit’s Bitcoin channel.

Dorian Nakamoto, the Japanese-American man who claims he was wrongly named by Newsweek magazine as, Satoshi Nakamoto – the creator of bitcoin has appeared on youtube. Satoshi Nakamoto has thanked bitcoin community for its support and donation of 48 BTC.

Once again Nakamoto denied being the bitcoin creator in a short YouTube video Tuesday, thanking those who have made donations and supported him through all the troubles started earlier this year.

In the video Nakamoto  appears next to Bitcoin entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos and holds up a copy of Newsweek’s ‘Bitcoin’s Face’ edition, claiming that he was not involved with bitcoin or its creation:

“I’m sure you guys will know that Satoshi Nakamoto is not me. But Leah [Goodman] thinks so, and Newsweek said so. But it’s not true. I’m very thankful for all these people in the US, Europe, Asia, in South America and Africa who supported me throughout. Thank you very much. I want to hug you, this 2000 of you who donated.”

Newsweek and Nakamoto

64-years old Nakamoto, who has suffered both unemployment and health problems in recent years, was followed by the media after Newsweek’s article publication, causing him even more trouble in his already uneasy life.

Today’s YouTube video is Nakamoto’s first public announcement since he hired a lawyer and his official denial of Newsweek’s claims in March.

Newsweek magazine and journalist Leah Goodman say they are responsible for those claims that Nakamoto is a bitcoin developer, and also the research behind them.

Many members of bitcoin community accused the magazine, as it was rushing to release the story based on unsubstantial circumstantial evidence and didn’t have facts to back up the story.

The true founder of bitcoin is known only by a name “Satoshi Nakamoto,” who is an owner of personal bitcoin wallet which value equals to hundreds of millions of dollars. Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman and Newsweek have not said that their story is untrue, nonetheless they have put comments from Nakamoto’s official denial that he was the true founder.

Andreas Antonopoulos, a bitcoin entrepreneur who organized a crowdfunding campaign to support Nakamoto, after a Newsweek claimed him to be a mysterious developer of bitcoin. The fund currently has 48 bitcoins, that’s more than $23,000. Moreover, Nakamoto plans to open a bitcoin account and become a user.

I am not Satoshi Nakamoto,” Dorian Nakamoto said in Tuesday’s video. “My name is Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto and of course if I was the creator, I would never use my real name. So from that point of view, I’m sure you guys would know, that Satoshi Nakamoto is not me. But Leah thinks so, and Newsweek said so, but it’s not true.”

It’s not clear yet whether Nakamoto is planning to suite the magazine, nevertheless it had hired a lawyer and would be willing to clear his name.

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