Norwegian Cruise Line Shares Jumped Over 23% Yesterday, What Other Stocks Move Market?

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Norwegian Cruise Line Shares Jumped Over 23% Yesterday, What Other Stocks Move Market?
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The most hit industries like aviation, hotels, cruise lines, etc. showed a quick recovery on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve announced a $2 trillion package to support the ailing economy.

After a massive beating of the stocks on the market over the last months, there’s some renewed optimism finally seen among investors. In the last two trading sessions, Dow Jones surged nearly 13% after correcting 40% over the last month. Some of the stocks turned out to be a real shock for investors, though.  For example, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NYSE: NCLH) shares increased by 23.08% yesterday and reached $16.96.

The recovery came after the Federal Reserve announced some unprecedented fiscal stimulus measures on Monday. With the markets crashing heavily and the economic outlook looking bleak, the Fed finally decided to step in. The Fed has announced different stimulus packages for individuals and businesses to help them come out of their economic woes, an outcome of the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 500 points higher at 21,200 levels. Just a day before on Tuesday, Dow registered a massive 11% recovery adding 2000 points. While the markets are showing a good bounceback, here are some of the market moving stocks.

Norwegian Cruise Line and Other Stocks with the Biggest Moves in the Market

The airlines’ industry has been the biggest victim of the COVID-19 outbreak with travel and logistics coming to a halt. Soon after the White House and Senate agreed to a $2 trillion stimulus for the U.S. economy, airline stocks were under a huge relief.

After Monday’s stimulus measures, Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) stock has jumped by nearly 32%. On Wednesday, the Boeing stock was 24% up trading at $158 levels at the closing. In the last five trading sessions, the Boeing (BA) stock has surged over 50%. However, Boeing has already lost two-thirds of its valuations in this market crash. Even after this recovery, Boeing trades 50% negative year-to-date.

The same is the case with other airline companies American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ: AAL), United Airlines Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: UAL), and Delta Air Lines Inc (NYSE: DAL). Yesterday, stocks of these companies jumped over 10%, 10%, and 15% respectively.

It won’t be surprising to say that the cruise line industry has been absolutely massacred in the COVID-19 pandemic. Shares of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NYSE: NCLH) have witnessed an 80% value erosion in this market correction. The NCLH stock collapsed from above $60 levels to below $10 levels in just a month’s time. But in the last four trading sessions, the stock has recovered above 60% from its 2020 lows.

Some analysts think that NCLH’s correction is an over-the-board market reaction and we can expect a recovery. In the period between 2015-2019, the company revenue grew at 8.2% CAGR. While its operating income and net income were up by 10.9% and 16.8% respectively.

Other cruise lines stocks like Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (NYSE: RCL) and Carnival Corp (NYSE: CCL) also gained 23% and 13% respectively.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is also one of these stocks. Having corrected over 30% in just a month’s time, analysts think that Apple is now trading at attractive valuations. For a trillion-dollar company, a 30% correction is sizeable. Deutsche Bank recently upgraded the AAPL stock from hold to buy.

There are several key drivers for the Apple stock to consider like its rising AirPods sales, and upcoming 5G iPhone announcements ahead this year.

On Wednesday, shares of footwear giant Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE) jumped 10% closing the day at $79. The recent recovery came amid Nike reporting higher-than-expected sales day on Tuesday. The company reported its fiscal third-quarter revenue at $10.1 billion against the expected $9.8 billion. With China easing up restrictions, Nike said that it is witnessing its business “significantly accelerating”.

Soon after the coronavirus relief bill, hotel stocks like Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc (NYSE: HLT) and Marriott International Inc (NASDAQ: MAR) also showed some recovery. On Wednesday, Hilton rose 4.12% while Marriott closed above 7%. Similarly, some casino stocks also registered double-digit recovery.

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