DuveraDex, a Cardano-based Blockchain DeFi Project, Is Hiring Developers and Product Designers

Place/Date: - May 3rd, 2022 at 8:01 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: DuveraDex


The DuveraDex team is pleased to announce the job opening in the company. Currently, the following positions are open:

DuveraDex Product Designer

Role: Be able to design De-FI products with a unique user experience that will resonate with the Bashoswap project.

Design appealing and easy-to-use interfaces

Requirements: Proficiency in Adobe XD, Figma, Adobe XD

Ample understanding of how a De-Fi, AMM exchanges operate.

Haskell / Plutus Smart Contract Engineer

Role: Be able to building trustless de-fi protocols that would spur a self-sustaining ecosystem using Haskell & Plutus

Implement and write smart contracts for Bashoswap

Requirements: 1-3 Years of professional experience with Haskell

Prior experience working with Haskell contracts

Experience in designing public applications for consumer use

DuveraDex Frontend Developer

Role: Collaborate with the Chief Product Designer to create beautiful user interfaces.

Requirements: Experience with typescript, react, next.js & Vue

Implement UI design to the pixel

Go / Backend Engineer

Role: Work closely with other Project team to build and effectively manage the backend of BashoSwap.

Requirements: professional experience in Go, AWS or cloud-based applications.

Comprehensive knowledge about BigData & Analytics environment

Have A Knowledge or Familiarity with Cardano

Ample Knowledge Of DeFi

How to Apply?

Send an email to [email protected] with the position you are applying at DuveraDex for as the subject of the mail.