Ethfinex Launches Governance Summit to Focus on Issues of Distributed Governance Models

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Ethfinex Launches Governance Summit to Focus on Issues of Distributed Governance Models
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By organizing the event, the exchange aims to bring together industry players from all over the world to exchange ideas and discuss latest innovation within governance models.

Ethfinex, a digital asset exchange and trading platform, has announced plans to hold the Ethfinex Governance Summit, a three-day event that will focus on the exploration of models of decentralised governance. The event will begin in Lugano, Switzerland, this Saturday, on September 29, and will continue until Monday, October 1.

“We want Ethfinex to be a uniquely community-focused platform, where the major decisions are ultimately made by the users. A central tenet of Ethfinex is to bring together those with different approaches to solve the challenges of decentralised governance,” said Will Harborne, Ethfinex Director of Operations.

“Lugano is a manifestation of this mission, and an opportunity to design and fine-tune the decision-making process specific to Ethfinex and our Nectar community as well as share ideas with many of the other projects in the ecosystem who are on the same path.”

The summit will bring together distinctive minds from different disciplines to discuss innovation within distributed governance models and will feature a range of speakers, esteemed academics, critical thinkers, politicians, and startups working in the blockchain industry. Besides, the event will include a number of workshops and project demonstrations to urge discussion about the governance-related topics.

The list of confirmed speakers include Griff Green , the founder of, Luis Cuende, the co-founder of Aragon, Alex Gladstein , CSO at Human Rights Foundation, Jenna Zenk , Melonport’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex, Sarah Compani , Bitfinex’s legal counsel, and Clement Lesaege , CTO at Kleros. The event is sponsored by Crypto Valley, Kleros, UTRUST, Ledger, Poseidon Group, POA Network, and Spatium.

According to Ethfinex, the summit provides an opportunity for different minds to meet, collaborate, exchange their knowledge and ideas and lay the groundwork for a decentralised future.

“The blockchain and cryptocurrency space provides such fertile ground for rich crossover collaborations between ambitious, innovative projects. The goal of the Ethfinex Governance Summit is to facilitate such collaboration, giving dedicated, passionate individuals an outlet to meet, share ideas and develop the governance methods, models and protocols of the future,” Harborne added.

Ethfinex is a hybrid decentralized exchange that was launched earlier this year by trading platform Bitfinex, which has a monthly trading volume of more than $14 billion. Since the launch of the beta version last year, the platform has significantly expanded and now handles over $70 million in daily trading volumes.

The exchange is powered by the Nectar (NEC) token that is distributed to users each month based on their trading volumes. Bitfinex’s goal for Ethfinex was to build a community-governed trading system where platform fees, governance decisions, and token listings, are distributed between traders. Recently, the company launched Ethfinex Trustless, a decentralised exchange focused on ERC20 tokens.

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