Facebook (FB) Stock Stuck with 0.078% Growth, Where Will It Be in 5 Years?

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Facebook (FB) Stock Stuck with 0.078% Growth, Where Will It Be in 5 Years?
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The moderating growth of Facebook (FB) stock is a result of various scandals around the social media company. The biggest problem that brings worries is privacy.

Lately, social media giant Facebook has been performing sluggishly. The evidence of that is Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) stock that yesterday got stuck. After showing slow growth, it stopped at $217.49.

Facebook launched back in 2004 but went public in 2012. Since then, the company has returned almost 450% for its early investors. The company’s stock debuted at $38 per share and raised a little over $16 billion. Today, it is trading at $217.520, with a market capitalization of more than $620 billion.

Probably, the moderating growth of Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) stock results from various scandals around the social media company. The biggest problem that brings worries is privacy. Facebook has been tackled many times about how it handles user information and user data. Privacy issues also cause misunderstandings with regulatory authorities. And despite some outstanding achievements, Facebook’s future is worth thinking about.

Facebook Stock Growth in 5 Years

It is quite difficult to say what will happen to Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) stock in 5 years. There are always those who are optimistic about market movements and those with a negative attitude. But hopefully, even slowly, the company’s stock price will grow. We have already seen how FB stock survived and moved higher in times of negative noise around the giant. For example, recently, Elon Musk asked to “delete Facebook” in his tweet, which brought Facebook in the center of discussion.

Tesla founder has always a negative position toward the media giant, but the case did not affect Facebook and its stock. Due to such vitality, we may suggest that in 5 years, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) will maintain its reputation of sustainable long-term investment.

Currently, Facebook has over 2.5 billion monthly active users of one of its apps. New users are one of the ways to grow. And the company strives to increase their number. Besides, Facebook plans to improve its artificial intelligence technologies. We may expect that in 5 years, the platform can recognize images more easily, filter out false news stories and hate speech more effectively and even produce better chatbots and virtual assistants.

Facebook vs Tesla and Apple

On the stock market, all the players are tough competitors. And the growth of one player’s shares can mark a disaster for other players.

While Facebook has seen sluggish growth, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) have enjoyed a rapid jump. For example, Tesla that is expanding its solar business boasts a bull-run. On Wednesday, February 19, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock price surged a whopping around 7% in its biggest single-day-jump in the last two weeks. Currently, its price is $917.42.

Tesla’s good performance is a result of the company’s push in new areas of clean energy generation and storage that will drive the stock even further.

As for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), its stock also enjoys a bull-run, although not as great as Tesla. Its stock makes up $323.62 per share, 1.45% more than yesterday. The year-to-date return or performance of Apple is up 10.21% and is outperforming the overall stock market by 4.98%.

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