Facebook Set to Launch a New VR Social Network ‘Horizon’ in 2020

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Facebook Set to Launch a New VR Social Network ‘Horizon’ in 2020
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Good news for gamers as Oculus Rooms and Facebook Spaces close their doors on October 25 in a bid to launch a test version of the social VR globe ‘Horizon’ in 2020.

The future of virtual reality for the social media giant, Facebook is more social. Facebook announced at Oculus Connect event that it’s introducing its own social Virtual Reality (VR) network, a very MMO-such as virtual world known as Horizon.

Horizon is an “interconnected globe” where VR avatars meet, play games, hang out, and design their own environments. In the demonstration clip, it displays legless avatars creating art, flying planes, and playing games together.

The announcement goes on to indicate that users can enjoy playing games in Facebook-built platforms. The users will also be able to create their own projects:

“Everyone will have the power to build new worlds and activities, from tropical hangout spots to interactive action arenas, all from scratch—no previous coding experience needed. Whether people choose to build, play, or simply hang out, Horizon will ensure a welcoming environment through new safety tools and human guides—Horizon Locals—to answer questions and provide assistance, if needed.”

As part of the launch, the social media powerhouse will on October 25 close its current social VR experiences Oculus Rooms and Facebook Spaces, creating a state of hiatus until Horizon is launched. Facebook Spaces was introduced in 2017 to allow users to watch movies, chat and take VR selfies with colleagues, while Oculus Rooms first started in 2016 as your ideal private VR apartment.

But the duo had limited social features that were only meant as a preliminary to full-fledged VR games. On the other hand, Horizon is intended to be a destination, as opposed to a novelty, where users could spend their precious time.

How the Horizon Feature Functions

At first glance, the new device appears like an upgraded Second Life, a first-person Sims, attainment of the objective of Altspace VR including an opponent to PlayStations’ PSVR Dreams plus cross-platform kids` treasured Roblox.

The Horizon will begin centralized around a town square. Before individuals come in, they can decide how they appear and what they put on from inclusive and expansive features of avatar tools. From inside VR, players will be able to utilize the Horizon World Builder to develop gaming platform, vacation recreation including activities to fill them stress-free even without coding knowledge.

As Facebook begins to develop stale after one and a half-decade on the market, subscribers are searching for exciting ways to socialize. Scores have already get rid of Facebook’s status updates and excessive Life Events for the eye-catching photos of Instagram and foolishness of Snapchat.

Facebook risked being ditched had it refused to innovate its latest VR successor. Therefore, by creating a globe where subscribers can dodge their real lives as opposed to comparing them to colleagues, Horizon could resonate to bored individuals or claustrophobic on Facebook.

FB is currently at $180.11, decreasing 1.47% from it’s $182.80 previous close.

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