FC Barcelona to Launch NFT Series in Latest Partnership with Ownix

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FC Barcelona to Launch NFT Series in Latest Partnership with Ownix
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Spanish football giant FC Barcelona has joined the trend as they set to release NFT collections in a recent partnership with Ownix. 

It was recently reported that AC Milan, an Italian football giant is all set to become the first in the industry to launch Non-Tangible Token (NFTs) collections in Socios.Com to commemorate the most beautiful moments in their match against AS Roma. In the latest report, Spanish football Giant FC Barcelona has joined the trend as they set to release NFT collections in a recent partnership with Ownix.

This will be based on the recent photos and videos that feature memorable moments in the club’s history. This will make FC Barcelona the first premium football club to launch the NFT series based on its most symbolic occasions. 

This is seen as an interesting development as the club boasts a large fan base with over 400 million followers on social media. 

According to FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta, the club is always interested in new opportunities that bring them closer to their fans. 

“Given this scenario, the club is constantly looking for new ways to connect with its fans, and we believe that creating these NFTs is a unique opportunity to continue growing and consolidating the Barça brand by bringing unique moments that have made Barça fans dream and FC Barcelona a well-known club on every level,” he said.

According to Guy Elhanani, Ownix CEO,  this initiative will allow Barca fans to acquire and own digital assets that represent a piece of the 122-year history of the club. Elhanani explained that the reason for promoting the collectibles to customers is not because they are marketable, but for the pleasure and pride of owning them. 

“This new and exciting asset class allows collectors to own things that weren’t possible to own before, and we’re thrilled to offer sports fans an opportunity to spearhead the movement, ” he added. 

For some time now, Barcelona has sought to implement a global expansion strategy and push for a further commitment. For this reason, NFTs are seen as one of the most efficient channels to achieve this. It is said that while this provides a new form of interaction with fans, it is also seen as a new format to connect with new generations. 

A couple of months ago, the top Spanish football division, La Liga announced its decision to create new revenue streams for La Liga clubs in a partnership with Sorare, a football fantasy platform by launching NFTs for all of its players. Javier Tebas, the Laliga president mentioned that the partnership offers innovative and exciting experiences to its fans.  

“This partnership with Sorare, the most exciting sports NFT projects today, enables us to reach new audiences globally and gives existing fans additional ways they can get involved with the players and the clubs they love, ” he said.

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