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FinTech Startup Curve Launches Payment-switching Smart Card in the UK

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read

The consumer launch of UK-based startup Curve was described as a major milestone for the whole fintech industry on its way to disrupt conventional banking system. Up until now, the service was running in beta version exclusively available to business users.

Statistics shows that one out of two modern individuals considers the fear of losing or forgetting its purse the greatest one. No wonder, since the wallet has become the unique storage of all means of payments starting from fiat money to credit cards. Without handling full package of paying or loyalty cards, you can hardly make any purchases.

By the time you’ve got completely fed up with controlling your own finances, Curve reveals brand-new fintech platform enables customers to simplify money management by connecting all accounts, cards and services to one card and one secure mobile app.

Thanks to Curve all fears and concerns regarding budgeting are left in past. Nowadays the platform offers secure and cost-effective formula by placing core focus on financial management. The developers have been designing Curve with the aim to convert all existing banking cards you caring in the pocket into one single Curve card adhering to the system smart spending and fees minimum.

Following the idea, Curve card is to replace your personal financial adviser by keeping records of all purchases no matter how many cards you debit to buy them. Curve’s mobile app also helps customer to avoid fraud and reduce risk of misuse by providing additional security means throughout a ‘lock card’ feature, in-app and 24/7 support. It also claimed to be very useful for travel purposes as Curve is promising that you can use your cards overseas without currency exchange fees or other overheads.

Moreover the Curve team has recently realized world-first “Go Back in Time” feature. According to developers, the users are enabled to switch payments between cards with a tap, up to two weeks after a transaction.

The Curve card performs alike regular MasterCard cards and can easily be accepted everywhere in the world for contactless, chip & PIN, magstripe and ATM withdrawals. Last year the Curve team has collaborated with with Xero, New Zealand enterprise for cloud-based software development. Together they developed a mobile accounting feature. It allows linking the Curve app with Xero cloud in order to facilitate the process of bookkeeping expenses.

To join Curve community, customers are simply required to install the Curve app, securely add their existing cards, and start spending from all card-linked accounts with one Curve card. Users set a default spending card and change it any time with a swipe in the app.

At the press time, download of Curve app is free of charge; however the spending of extra £50 for Premium is rewarding with additional bonuses. Noting that 50,000 people have signed up to its waitlist, you have to exercise your patience unless you invite a couple of friends to jump up the queue and reap Curve’s benefits.

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