First Bitcoin ATM In South Africa

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First Bitcoin ATM In South Africa
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The first city to host the permanent bitcoin vending machine was chosen to become Johannesburg, a city in South Africa.

The first Bitcoin ATM will apparently appear in Africa this May. The first city to host the permanent bitcoin vending machine was chosen to become Johannesburg, a city in South Africa.

According to ZaBitcoinATM the company ordered a Lamassu machine in February this year, and now it expects to receive the machine in a few days.

ZaBitcoinATM  commented a few words on the upcoming launch of the bitcoin vending machine in a Bitcoin Talk forum post, saying:

“We are in discussions with several restaurants/coffee shops and will be coming to a conclusion as to the final location once we have shown the interested parties the device.”

If everything goes as planned, Africa’s first bitcoin ATM  will be available to the customers by the end of this month.

Community Feedback Wanted

Johannesburg is a good choice for placing the country’s first bitcoin ATM due to the fact that the city is a current financial center of South Africa, but it won’t be the only unit inthe near future.

The second bitcoin ATM is planned to be installed less than in a month in Cape Town.

Cape Town’s bitcoiners has been invited by ZaBitcoinATM to help choose the right place for the unit via its Twitter account.

The interest of bitcoin is increasing in Africa, more companies are searching for potential application for bitcoin.

In addition, a big number of people see the remittance market as the biggest opportunity in Africa.

Kipochi, co-founder Pelle Braendgaard, during an interview with CoinDesk mentioned why he thinks bitcoin could intrude developing countries. Moreover, such plans of Robocoin as to change their ATM network to a  remmitance service worldwide suggests that something similar could be probed in Africa.

Africa’s Hurdles

Nevertheless, Bitcoin is not the only way for IT professionals in Africa.

Due to the fact that Africa has a rather low smartphone penetration rate, SMS money transfer services are quite popular on practically any feature phone.

Furthermore, firms are expanding not only their operations but also integrating with other money transfer services. 37Coins, a Bitcoin wallet provider has plans to offer bitcoin wallet access via feature phones globally, using its SMS-based wallet.

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