Fish.Pro Introduces the Ability to Grab Ronin Sidechain RON Tokens

Place/Date: - November 23rd, 2021 at 10:45 am UTC · 4 min read
Source: Fish.Pro

Fish.Pro Introduces the Ability to Grab Ronin Sidechain RON Tokens
Photo: Fish.Pro

If you are into decentralized gaming, then you are surely aware of Axie Infinity. One of the finest examples of fast-emerging crypto and blockchain entertainment applications, the multi-billion Dollar blockchain game has gained immense popularity. It is not just about playing a game but earning the in-game crypto tokens that can then be used to purchase gaming items or traded for other currencies, opening up a whole new income stream.

Axie’s AXS and SLP tokens have gained immense value over time and continue to do so, but the developers are thinking of a new token. Axie Infinity uses an Ethereum based sidechain called Ronin that is faster and cheaper so that the gaming experience doesn’t suffer. The chain will be launching its native $RON, a governance token that will also be used to pay for transaction costs and secure the mainnet.

As such, $RON has a very high probability that it will outpace AXS and SLP eventually. Amazing as it sounds, it is difficult to get one’s hands on it.

Elusive as a Samurai

Ronin is a type of Samurai who had no master and as such, is a fitting name for the sidechain that offers financial freedom. Yet, Ronins were few and far even at their best of times and is the same for the $RON token.

As of now, the only way to get one’s hand on $RON is to take part in 90 days staking of AXS/wETH and SLP/wETH. Unless you have a lot of investment and are willing to wait out the extended lockout time, the $RON rewards are going to be too low to make a difference.

There is an option though. Katana, the Ronin-based DEX, which is ready to list $RON, but when it will be listed and available is anyone’s guess.

There must be an easier way. Fortunately, Fish.Pro has your back.

Fishing for $RON

Fish.Pro is a crypto exchange that revolutionizes how digital assets are traded. Optimized for the best experience, the platform provides easy fiat on/off ramp solutions to buy digital assets with credit/debit cards, derivatives (options, futures etc.), perpetual swaps, Newboard token launchpad and much more.

In line with its mission to provide innovative crypto products, Fish.Pro now offers a unique method for securing $RON tokens, even before they are listed on the Katana DEX. This is achieved through Fish.Pro’s RON-IOU futures product and its RONIOU/USDT futures trading pair. Traders can now conduct futures contract trading by estimating the $RON’s issuance price on Katana and then closing the contract when the official swap functionality is started.

How Is It Possible?

The question that many will ask is that can Fish.Pro deliver on its promise? Fish.Pro has been carefully monitoring $RON development and has been involved in different $RON minting activities for some time now. Staking large volumes in AXS and SLP pools, the platform has enough $RON rewards to ensure that honoring futures contracts will not be an issue.

Apart from this, Fish.Pro has been aligning itself with Axie Infinity. It already is the first exchange that has integrated the Ronin sidechain and supports direct AXS and SLP transactions to and from the official Ronin wallet. Axie Co-play, a player collaboration and reward sharing system for Axie Infinity, is also a unique offering of Fish.Pro.

Fish.Pro is led by a committed team that has insight in traditional finances and DeFi. Their ability to see  the gap and pain points has led to the creation of Fish.Pro, a revolutionary solution that offers derivative trading crypto products to the world that are designed to change how people can unlock the potential of financial freedom in an environment they are familiar with.