FLUX Gaming World: Developers and Players Share Profits and Reign

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FLUX Gaming World: Developers and Players Share Profits and Reign
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FLUX platform aims to give gamers wagering, tournaments, streaming, trading and crowdfunding tools using blockchain tech and newly-created token FLUX COIN.

Peer-to-peer gaming on the decentralized Blockchain, where transactions between permitted parties are conducted on a self-executing smart contract without any intermediaries, has revolutionized traditional gaming model.  Using transparent P2P digital contract, FLUX platform develops a faster, fairer and cheaper gaming system, where game developers and players take reins.

By making its gaming community owners, the FLUX platform solves a growing challenge in the gaming community, which is liquidity. This is done as follows: a user chooses a game he wants to play and makes a bet on his win, FLUX platform finds an opponent for user, players compete and winner gets the prize-pool generated from bets previously made. As players spend a lot of time polishing their gaming skills and earning their reputation, being sure that there are enough potential opponents to give them opportunities to increase their winnings is incredibly important.  Developers, in their turn, have an incentive to help gamers win and improve their skills generating earnings for every gaming session.

No More Run-Away Gaming Bills

Developers and gamers not only pay much lower commissions than average but as investors, they also receive a percentage from the FLUX’s revenues. This, in addition to expected appreciation of the FLUX token (which is highly likely given the volume of gaming activity in the FLUX market grows and mobile gaming revenues are forecasted to grow as well) serves a great incentive for both: gamers and developers, to stay loyal to the platform.

Until the Blockchain disrupted the mobile gaming market, a kind of wiggle room existed in the commissions charged by online gaming hosts. The FLUX platform levies a one to seven percent commission on bets placed by gamers, fifty percent of which goes to game developer, who, by the way, has the opportunity to raise additional funds by launching a crowdfunded ICO within the platform.

Fair and Transparent Play

Cybercrime has soared in the mobile gaming world since in-game trading became mainstream. Mobile game players are currently facing rise in theft of their accounts, identities and virtual goods, which is usually done by a bot rather than a human on the other end of the game. In China, for example, where virtual goods’ theft rate is the highest one, eMarketer reports 273.2 in-app virtual thefts for each legitimate purchase, versus 1.5 in the US.

FLUX matchmaking blockchain-based engine creates a new trading and gaming experience. Smart contract with built-in escrow and arbiter function replaces oftenlyt murky, non-transparent and hackable gaming transaction process. In such a way, even for such low commission fees gamers get ironclad security and fast, automated processing.

The matchmaking process between game opponents is conducted over a cryptographically secure digital contract creating a database of immutable, transparent and auditable transactions. This, combined with  unanimous character of any change-related decision, and possibility to facilitate withdrawals and deposits without need to provide any financial information, for sure inspires trust in the platform.

In such a way, gamers are free to focus on gaming and trading – when two opponents enter a game, smart contract secures escrow, once the game ends, the arbiter automatically rules and the winner’s monies are immediately released from the smart contract. Withdrawals are made in the FLUX token,  additionally ensuring continual demand for the cryptocurrency.

The FLUX market operates on FLUX tokens, which can be purchased by game developers, players, streamers and the wider gaming community. FLUX tokens can also be obtained by earning rewards and incentives offered throughout the flux gaming, online streaming, and in-game item trading platforms.

Token’s pre-sale is already live, while public ICO starts on December 10th. Early investors can apply for a whitelist till December 10th and receive 35% bonus.

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