Fnnch’s NFT ‘The Afikomen’ Put Up for Auction in Clubhouse Passover Seder

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Fnnch’s NFT ‘The Afikomen’ Put Up for Auction in Clubhouse Passover Seder
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The Afikomen from Fnnch has rebranded a cultural and spiritual use case that lends credence to the ongoing revolution in the NFT metaverse. 

In a new milestone for the art-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) revolution, street artist Fnnch’s work “The Afikomen” was up for auction in a virtual Passover Seder that was hosted on the rising social media platform Clubhouse on Sunday, March 28th. According to a report by The Times of Israel, the event dubbed the “Night of 1,000 Jewish Stars” saw a lot of celebrities in attendance including actress Tiffany Haddish, Ben Horowitz, a venture capitalist, and Marie Doduck, a Holocaust survivor amongst others.

The Passover Seder is a very cultural event among the Jews and it is a ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover. While having the feast, symbolic food items are always served but with the Afikomen, a half-piece of matzo which is broken in two during the early stages of the Passover Seder is set aside to be eaten as a dessert after the meal. Traditionally, the Afikomen is always hidden and spurs a fun game for kids to hunt down.

Fnnch’s artwork is inspired by this tradition and one piece of The Afikomen was listed for the auction while the other was hidden in the Clubhouse profile of one of the participants for only one person to discover.

“If Clubhouse is the home in which Passover will take place, then hiding an NFT matzo – a singular piece that only one person can find – is the new hiding of the Afikomen,” Fnnch said in a news release.

Proceeds from the auctioned artwork will be going to support Value Culture, a non-profit organization dedicated to producing and supporting artistic, educational, charitable, and spiritual events to inspire individuals to give back to communities.

Fnnch’s The Afikomen: Testament to NFT’s Revolution

The Afikomen from Fnnch, a Stanford Alumni and computer programmer turned artist, has rebranded a cultural and spiritual use case that lends credence to the ongoing revolution in the NFT metaverse.

Fnnch is renowned for his “honey bear” murals and works with major brands including Shake Shack amongst others. The artist noted that he discovered ERC-20 in 2018, and he realigned his model to begin issuing authenticity certificates for some of his works.

According to Decrypt whom he spoke to, Fnnch said he “fell down the crypto rabbit hole in 2018. That’s when I heard about ERC-20 and I checked out Ethereum. I don’t issue certificates of authenticity with any of my art – people have asked for it and I don’t do it, because it’s security theater, it’s a joke. The idea that this piece of paper verifies authenticity is laughable, and I’d rather have nothing than something that’s a joke. So I’ve always been looking for a different means to prove authenticity, and this is it.”

The NFT ecosystem still has a long way to grow but the bubble in the pricing of most of the artworks as seen in recent times will need to fade for the true underlying value of the technology to be unveiled. Fnnch as well as other NFT artists including Beeple, the highest-grossing NFT artist to date, has a similar position on this.

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