Ford Unveils its New Mach-E SUV: The First Auto to Join Mustang Lineup Since 1964

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Ford Unveils its New Mach-E SUV: The First Auto to Join Mustang Lineup Since 1964
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Ford Mustang, which was the staple brand of the sixties and seventies, has revealed its all-electric Mustang Mach-E SUV drawing controversy by old-timers who wanted an all-round petrol-powered car with a revved-up engine.

As an automobile, Ford’s Mach-E comes with the style, logo, and design of the famous Mustang but everything else under the hood makes it seem more like a Tesla or another electric vehicle. With a range of 210- 300 miles at full charge and accelerations that range from beating high-end sports cars to mid-level sedans, the first set of Mach-Es will be available in late 2020 to the spring of 2021.

Although pricey with the cheapest one starting at $43, 895 which is a little bit more expensive than the prices than the average car buyer can afford, buyers of the new Mach-E are eligible for up to $7,500 of credits in federal taxes. All-in-all, the total financial advantages to be gained could help create saving at $10,000 in total in the United States alone.

The $43,895 versions also referred to as the select model which comes with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive to become available in 2021. They will also both come with Ford’s standard 75.7 KWH batteries which are part of the automakers’ electronic vehicle range. The RWD will have a 230-mile range and will also be able to go from zero to sixty miles per hour between six and seven seconds while the AWD version will be able to go for 210 miles and from zero to sixty miles per hour in about five to six seconds.

Both models will have a peak charging rate of up to 115 KW while other models will have charging rates of up to 150 KW which are all fast charging and can be connected to both 120volts to 240 volts DC charging stations.

The premium versions start at $50,600 and will be available at the same time next year. Customers will have options to pay for the standard battery pack or one with bigger capacity such as the 98.8KWH option. There are four different ranges for the customer to choose from: 210 miles standard range for AWD, 230 miles standard range for the RWD, 270 miles for extended AWD and 300 miles range for the extended version of the RWD.

Both AWD premium models can get from zero to sixty miles per hour in about five seconds plus while the RWD versions come a second later.

Other versions are also available though. The route 1 Mustang Mach-E starts at $52,400 and will be RWD only with an extended battery pack. According to Ford, it should have about 300 miles and 282 h.p. This will be available in early 2021 while the $59,900 first edition will have AWD 270 miles range and 33 h.p. It will be available in late 2020 side-by-side with the premium versions and will be a limited edition only.

The Mach-E GT will cost about $60,500 and will come with AWD only with a 250-mile extended battery range pack. The Mach-E GT also goes from 0-60 miles per hour in less than four seconds and to different motors (210 kilowatts behind and 50 kilowatts in front) promising a whole new experience in speed and control at the same time.

It’s a whole new experience for customers as they can get what they want using a configurator that can enable them to choose all the exterior features that they desire with 29 cubic feet of space in the trunk and 4.8 cubic feet in the front trunk and space for just about anything.

The infotainment system is already designed for big screens and also has support for Apples’ car play and wireless Android Auto making wireless charging seamless as well although there are USB ports for those who are still old school both at the front and in the backseats as well.

The illuminated buttons which replace door handles have made many to compare it to Tesla’s range of vehicles as phone entry has also been tested and is used in the Mach-E by the carmaker using Bluetooth.

In all, this car is one that will keep many people enchanted even the old school customers as well.

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