New Gartner Report Says Huawei Phone Sales Rise With Samsung Leading the Way

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by Janis Rijnieks · 3 min read
New Gartner Report Says Huawei Phone Sales Rise With Samsung Leading the Way
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Gartner released their quarterly report on global smartphones which says that among the top five phone vendors, Huawei sales increased by 16.5% while Samsung added 3.8%, winning an overall 20,4% of market share.

While the global smartphone sales have decreased by 1,7%, Huawei and Samsung are among the top phone manufacturers in the world which managed to increase their sales in the Q2 of 2019, according to Gartner report.

Apple sales, on the other hand, fell 13% which is a staggering downfall. Experts point out that this is a direct effect of recent actions by the U.S. President Donald Trump. Recently he restricted American companies to do business with Huawei.

The experts think this has led to a nationality-based consumer thinking and that is one of the reasons why Huawei has seen such a massive sales increase when compared to Apple. In Q2 Huawei sell a record number of phones in China growing their market dominance to 31%. Apple’s excuse, however, is that they have shifted their business towards services, not smartphones. Their revenue from the company’s services accounted for 21% of Apple’s total revenue. 

Also, AAPL stock price in the past couple of days hasn’t seen the best performance. Currently, it sits at $204,16 per share. Overall, if looking at the year to date timeframe, Apple stock is up by approximately 25%. 

“Demand for high-end smartphones has slowed at a greater rate than the demand for mid-range and low-end smartphones. To try to boost smartphone replacements, we’ve seen manufacturers bringing premium features such as multi-lens front/back cameras, bezel-less displays, and large batteries from their flagship smartphones into lower-priced models,” commented Anshul Gupta, the senior research director at Gartner.

Samsung, however, continues to grow year by year, and only in Q2 2019, they have grown their market share by 1.1%. Gupta explains that there was a huge demand for Samsung’s new Galaxy A series of phones that mostly drove the growing performance. Galaxy S10 sales, at the same time, didn’t perform that well:

“Demand for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 started to weaken during the quarter, however, indicating that achieving growth in 2019 as a whole will be a challenge.”

Samsung (SSNLF) stock price in the last couple of days mostly has seen a more of a sideways movement, but with crazy volatility. Currently sitting at 44,150 KRW which is around $36. 

Additionally, Gartner report elaborates on another interesting statistic about smartphone sales across the world. China and Brazil were the only countries in the whole world which phone sales actually increased. Or course, China is sitting in the first position with 101 million phone sales which went up by 0.5%. And Brazil saw a growth of 1.3% in smartphone sales. Experts point out that this is a great indicator that the country’s economic situation is slowly recovering.

Ultimately, Gartner ends the report with confidence that global smartphone sales are going to decline, and they expect that there will be a total of 1.5 billion units in 2019 globally. 

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