Genesis Mining Launches ‘Hive’, SaaS Tool for Large Scale Mining

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by Tatsiana Yablonskaya · 3 min read
Genesis Mining Launches ‘Hive’, SaaS Tool for Large Scale Mining
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Genesis Hive is a web interface aimed at improving of large-scale bitcoin mining process.

Genesis Mining has simplified the process of bitcoin mining. It has recently come up with Genesis Hive, an innovative web interface that allows to install and control bitcoin mining farms with no particular effort.

“After almost two years of development, with the Hive we are really proud of bringing our gathered expertise and knowledge about deploying and managing large scale mining farms to the public,” says Marco Streng, CEO and co-founder of  Genesis Mining. “The Hive sets new standards in large scale farm management.”

Running a bitcoin mining farm themselves Genesis understands especially clearly pitfalls of this process. They have been into the idea of updating mining since the very start of the company. The fact that inventors use their own product and talk about it with complete satisfaction is the best demonstration of the quality. Genesis doesn’t stop and continue steadily optimizing the interface. Hopefully final product will meet all the needs of bitcoin mining in the future.

Everything in Genesis Hive is based on simplicity. You can easily install infrastructure for a mining farm of any size. The hive will add automatically detected miners to your system and adapt it to your needs.

Having a team of mining experts at Genesis it comes as no surprise that the guys developed innovative shelf assignment technique for mining purposes. Its main advantage is that now location based information of thousands of miners can be added in several hours.

Genesis Hive is a perfect tool to optimize the profits. You can have all mining statistics on one page and be perfectly informed on how things are going on with your mining farms. You will easily detect the miners working well or underperforming.

Control is a key to excellent performance. The hive will take upon basic load while all you have to do is to choose the rigs.

The first positive reviews already come. Guy Corem, CEO at Spondoolies-Tech, speaks highly of Genesis Hive: “Even the best miners in the world need someone to keep an eye on them. Genesis hive is the ideal solution for a large mining operation, suited for the exact needs and complexities of the mining world”.

Enthusiasts at Genesis Hive strongly believe in great future of bitcoin sphere. The basic service they build their company on is renting reliable and best-performing mining rigs. It’s passion for digital currencies that brought them together and now they feel the time has come for them to contribute to bitcoin future.

Not only do they have pure faith in benefits of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but take real steps in order to make the industry understandable and open to ordinary users. Now it’s especially vital as bitcoin price is going up due to the latest events in world’s economy.

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