Global Advisors Launches World’s First Regulated Bitcoin and ICO Investment Fund

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Global Advisors Launches World’s First Regulated Bitcoin and ICO Investment Fund
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Global Advisors intends to offer investors a reliable fiduciary responsible for making well-considered investment decisions.

Totally, more than $1 billion was raised through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) for just three months. This clearly demonstrates emerging trend of seeing ICO as a promising investable opportunity.

The Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited team has analyzed the high volume of inquiries from investors in Q2 and came to the conclusion that investors are interested in the movement but still want to participate through a diligent fiduciary responsible for making well-considered investment decisions.

The team behind the world’s first regulated bitcoin investment strategy and owner of Europe’s only exchange traded bitcoin notes (ETNs) just closed a fund to invest in alternative cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (including ERC20 coins).

The private fund offers exactly what investors need – controlled access to ICOs and alternative coins (such as ethereum & litecoin) provided by one of the most experienced teams in crypto assets. The primary focus will be made on ICOs where tokens are needed to power the protocol. Besides, the fund will serve as a vehicle to invest in alternative emerging cryptocurrencies in addition to bitcoin.

“We believe strongly in the emerging use case of cryptocurrencies as tools for capital formation, but as with all innovation, discretion and caution is key. This fund is structured to offer managed exposure to the emerging space, allowing the fund investors to participate cautiously and intelligently, as this new market unfolds,” says Daniel Masters, Chairman at Global Advisors.

Daniel Masters, ex-husband of JP Morgan’s chief financial officer Blythe Masters, announced its intention to join the bitcoin industry exactly two years ago.

The newly closed fund as well as Global Advisors’ current fund GABI Plc is Jersey based. In fact, Jersey regulators are known for innovative approach to regulation in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space.

“We are consistently impressed with the level of sophistication and attention with which Jersey regulators approach the digital asset space. When we launched GABI, they took a collaborative and pragmatic approach which helped us develop a world-class investment vehicle, that is still running smoothly three years later. This time around, the team and approach was even more impressive,” says Daniel Masters Chairman of Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited.

About Global Advisors

Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited is a reputable creator of the first institutional-grade Bitcoin investment strategy (“GABI”). The first regulated bitcoin fund turned out to be listed on any exchange worldwide when it was listed on The International Exchange (TISE) in December of 2016.

Global Advisors has been successfully managing client funds for 19 years already. Initially, it focused on the commodity markets and starting 2014 on bitcoin as well.

Global Advisors also owns XBT Provider AB, the Swedish domiciled issuer of two exchange traded bitcoin tracking products COINXBT:SS, COINXBE:SS.

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