How Plasma and Digitex Will Accelerate Crypto’s Mass Adoption

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How Plasma and Digitex Will Accelerate Crypto’s Mass Adoption
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Digitex Futures is proud to launch its Beta in the new year as they announce the recent collaboration with the core developers of Ethereum-Approved Plasma Solution Providers, Matter Inc.

Crypto futures exchange Digitex Futures Ltd has launched its live demo and revealed its new partnership with the core developers of Ethereum’s Plasma, Matter Inc. The exchange will be presented at this week’s Malta Blockchain Summit, where Digitex founder and CEO Adam Todd will discuss the Ethereum blockchain and Plasma, as well as its impact on Digitex. The attendees will watch a live unveiling of Digitex’s demo, ahead of its scheduled Version 1 launch on December 2018.

Adam Todd, Digitex Futures CEO explained the decision to choose Malta as the location of the live demo, paying tribute to the island nation’s progressive views on blockchain:

“Malta is, without doubt, the Blockchain Island and we feel at home among so many brilliant and receptive minds. We can’t wait to make history not only by knocking the futures industry on its head but by adding the most secure and technologically flawless Plasma solution to our platform.”

Those eager to try out the Digitex platform can join over 500,000 users already signed up for Early Access Waitlist. The first 5,000 on that list will receive 1,000 native tokens (DGTX). Referrals will bump users up that list.

Plasma Partnership

Digitex is prominent from thousands of other potential projects because it is among the first to incorporate Plasma into its tech.

It will now also be the only hybrid crypto exchange to offer plasma integration. The new feature allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum futures contracts with zero commissions.

Profit and loss will be in DGTX denominations, with the token now included in the top 100 cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization) after strong growths in recent weeks.

Todd was enthusiastic regarding the opportunity to implement Plasma, the much-touted solution to Ethereum’s scaling issues. He noted that Digitex was a logical choice to do this:

“We’re breaking the mold with our commission-free non-custodial trading model and now we’re able to offer our traders the most cutting-edge technology solution available. We couldn’t be happier.”

The Future is Approaching

With Digitex’s innovation augmented by Plasma, countless decentralized application (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain can now scale quickly for massive audiences.

Together with Plasma’s potential to open and maintain side chains that should make billions of transactions possible off-chain, the partnership can provide an improvement to propel crypto into the true era of mass adoption.

Research head at Matter Inc. Alex X explained that users will experience a shift in power, as they gain ownership of data and with it, greater responsibility.

“I think that the implementation of a non-custodial futures exchange is a great first step on this long road – it does not require an enormous R&D to achieve great user experience as in the case of decentralized spot markets (also known as decentralized exchanges or DEXes), but allows to start building an ecosystem and shift users habits from centralized to decentralized solutions.”

DGTX has been recently been listed on leading crypto exchange HitBTC.

To learn more about the new partnership and the Digitex exchange demo, visit the Digitex Futures official website or read their whitepaper.

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