Tracy, COVID-19 Pandemic Tracing App, Selects Matic Blockchain for Its Operations

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Tracy, COVID-19 Pandemic Tracing App, Selects Matic Blockchain for Its Operations
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Tracy is a blockchain-based decentralized application that enables contact tracing, safe movement and helps health professionals manage the pandemic response. Now it has completely migrated to the Matic blockchain network.

With tech companies coming together to fights against the coronavirus pandemic, decentralized-application Tracy has been doing a pretty good job. Using the power of blockchain technology, Tracy has developed a new application that does COVID-19 contact tracing. It allows safe movement for individuals while ensuring that health professionals can better manage their resources in this pandemic. Now to power all its in-app transactions, the Tracy application has completely migrated to the Matic blockchain network.

Using Matic’s robust infrastructure, Tracy can easily empower its Dapp performance for a larger population. Also, looking at the massive spread, it is important enough that we can accommodate data of a larger population.

The good thing about Tracy ap is that it doesn’t compromise on user data and privacy. It gauges the likelihood of a person coming in contact with a COVID-19 positive patient. Besides, it can also collect primary health symptom data of the citizen users from the app. Using the authorities’ app, one can interact through QR codes with other citizens of the world to confirm their health status. The Tracy app is built on top of MoiBit for saving privately and securely sharing location data.

What Matic Blockchain Platform Can Offer to Tracy

The Matic Blockchain platform is a layer-2 solution that attains scalability using the concept of sidechains. Sidechains are additional chains on a blockchain that help to reduce the burden of the primary network by taking over some tasks. Furthermore, they are responsible for off-chain computations while ensuring asset security.

Also, for security purposes, sidechains use a Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators. While solving the scalability and usability issues of Dapps, Matic makes sure that there’s no compromise on decentralization matters. Also, it does this by leveraging the existing developer ecosystem and community.

Talking about MoBit, it is a personal decentralized secure storage network protocol. It adopts blockchains key features like immutability and provenance. Besides, Mobit ensures that users get absolute control over their data in a private and secure manner.

To offer a private and highly secure storage wallet, MoBit leverages importance features like addressability, cryptography and zero-knowledge. MoBit further ensures that the wallets are attached to the decentralized identifier (DID) managed by the user with complete autonomy.

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