Non-Profit hybrix Promotes Blockchain Harmony at California Festival

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Non-Profit hybrix Promotes Blockchain Harmony at California Festival
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Hybrix is an open-source, idealistic, interoperable and lightweight platform for users around the world.

While blockchain technology is promoting ground-breaking innovations across the spectrum, the sheer number of platforms and complexity in using their services continue to be a roadblock for many users.

Mass adoption is very difficult to promote around the world without ease of access for everybody who wants to work in the space. While cryptocurrencies provide everyone with an alternative choice, a mass contact movement is always required to appeal to people and get them in the mood for a real change.

A Crypto Solution, for All of Crypto

hybrix, a not-for-profit blockchain solution platform, is promoting its blockchain solutions for over 31+ chains. Its participation in last week’s 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week aimed to help promote the culture and introduce its own platform and call for international blockchain harmony.

Representatives and volunteers of the non-profit were seen at the event distributing gold-sealed letters that promoted monetary freedom and freedom of choice around the world. The non-profit demonstrated its commitment to the crypto ideal that money should not be monopolized around the world.

To add an element of theatrical performance, figures hidden behind Phantom of the Opera masks appeared at random, ambushing event participants to speak about the concepts of crypto unity, and a realignment of blockchain goals to more resemble the noble goals of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder and creator of Bitcoin.

They spoke about how today’s global banking and financial system is controlled, manipulated and organized by a handful of organizations and people. And then pointed out how even blockchain companies were now more similar to the traditional world of banking, rather than revolutionizing the way people viewed and accessed money.

The message was a simple and universal one: revitalize and re-energize unity among the crypto-sphere and help promote the original borderless economy vision of Satoshi Nakamoto himself. Coming together under a common cause to preserve the vision that is currently under siege from various entities around the world.

There has been an overwhelming response from the participants with regards to the ongoing blockchain event and the message is surely being spread. The hybrix team, in addition to creating an inclusive economy for all, is also promoting a universally accessible decentralized ledger technology that is available to everyone and everywhere, and their work for the past five years continues to be available open-source for anyone to use, rebuild and repurpose.

About hybrix

The hybrix platform is a unique non-profit blockchain solutions company that has been in existence since 2014. Its flagship solution is a developer tool that allows users to program and code on more than 31 chains without any imposed limits. This lets them take advantage of every chain’s unique characteristics to build the application they need.

It is also offering a secure, modular online web wallet for cryptocurrency. In addition, there is also a command-line tool that connects to a hybrix peer node. This service can be used to create scripts and automation.

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