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ICOBox and DSPlus Announce Partnership as They Launch “People’s Crypto Money”

September 14th, 2017 at 1:27 pm UTC · 4 min read

Headquartered in the heart of Siberia — Irkutsk, Russia, home to one of the world’s largest cryptomines and a vibrant blockchain community, DSPlus is a rapidly growing provider of incentive marketing solutions in Russia and the near abroad. The company has announced its collaboration with ICOBox, a leading ICO services provider in the cryptocurrency industry to announce the crowdsale of its PlusCoin platform.

DSPlus is a well-established company managing over 1500 corporate accounts, including those of international brands like Booking.com, Burger King, Lego, McDonald’s, and Reebok. It also caters to dozens of domestic businesses including the country’s largest supermarkets, consumer electronics chains, and wireless providers. The company is now embracing blockchain technology to add more value to its customers through its PlusCoin (PLC) powered incentive solutions.

Speaking about the collaboration between both the companies, the CEO of ICOBox, Mike Raitsyn said,

“PlusCoin gives Icebox’s a unique opportunity to help international brands open a new chapter in incentive marketing by marrying blockchain and traditional brick and mortar business promotion. ICOBox is thrilled to help DSPlus direct its explosive growth across international markets.”

Relying on ICOBox’s marketing assistance, DSPlus is expanding its thriving business further onto blockchain platform, enabling the growing end users in more countries to not only purchase products and services from an exhaustive list of participating vendors via accrued PlusCoin but to earn PLC tokens that could then be exchanged into fiat currencies.

Explaining the innovative approach, the CEO of DSPlus Mikhail Mikhailov said,

“With PlusCoin, we have created a cryptocurrency that is changing the face of incentive marketing. Instead of having a stack of incentive cards with useless points you could use PlusCoin to go to the store and buy a loaf of bread. All you need is your phone and our app.”

Being an already established business, DSPlus already has over 115,000 users with 21 million PlusCoin tokens already in circulation. With the ongoing crowdsale, the platform is offering an opportunity for participants to buy its First PlusCoin (FPC). The crowdsale started on September 10, 2017, and will go on for 60 days. The token sale is divided into three distinct stages. The first stage during which the platform is offering FPC tokens at a price of $10 or 3300 PLCs will end on September 29, 2017. It will be followed by the second stage, during which the FPCs will be available for $11.5 each, until October 19, 2017. The final stage will commence from October 19 and go on until November 10, 2017, offering FPCs at $13 a unit.

DSPlus will put the funds raised through the crowdsale to scale the business by expanding it beyond 13 offices across Russia. The company will also be launching new products and services, enabling them to serve its clients as well as the public better.

DSPlus already has one such product in place, aimed at potential financial services partners. It is a financial scoring system where PlusCoin holders could get a credit rating within the PlusCoin ecosystem, and consequently become credit-worthy. Soon, the platform will be launching another application in the form of a peer-to-peer marketplace where users will be able to trade products and even use PLC tokens to purchase products from DSPlus partners as well as convert these tokens to fiat currencies.

More information about the crowdsale is available on PlusCoin Website.

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