PlusCoin is First Platform Providing Crypto-cashback Service

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PlusCoin is First Platform Providing Crypto-cashback Service
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PlusCoin is a decentralized Ethereum-based platform that provides crypto-cashback service to users.

PlusCoin is a decentralized Ethereum-based platform that provides crypto-cashback service to users.

Moreover, this decentralized marketplace PlusCoin became the first platform that implemented cashback solution in the cryptocurrency market.

The cashback solution will allow companies, among which are world known giants as KFC, Nike, Reebok, and Burger King, to feature their products on PlusCoin platform. Buyers, in their turn, will be able to get rewards in the form of PlusCoin tokens whenever they make a purchase on the new decentralized platform.

The main goal of PlusCoin is to popularize usage of cryptocurrency through cashback reward system in order to create a world that will fully embrace the using of decentralized digital assets.

Due to PlusCoin own cryptocurrency and collaboration with other projects, the company’s team hopes to turn cryptocurrency to mainstay in people’s everyday lives.

The creator of PlusCoin, DSPlus is a well-established company managing over 1500 corporate accounts, and which activities include consumer electronics chains and chains of supermarkets. In order to enter blockchain market DSPlus in collaboration with ICOBox, a provider of SaaS-based fixed-price services for ICOs, announced PlusCoin crowdsale in September 2017.

PlusCoin is aimed to provide understanding of cryptocurrency’s significance in building a future society that frees people up to do what they want and will help them to freely participate in the world economy. Moreover, PlusCoin can bring some tangible benefits of cryptocurrency market.

PlusCoin CEO Mikhail Mihailov hopes that the DSPlus platform will attract many people to cryptocurrency market thanks to its ease-of-use and relative convenience in using digital money.

It should be added that in order to increase interest to new cryptocurrency PlusCoin it was decided to provide offer a 20% discount on new tokens on last Friday each month till the launch of the platform that should be end on December 31, 2017. This means that there is another Friday to look forward to for the extra 20% sales.

Some analysts share opinion that a problem can appear if more cryptocurrencies enter the stage. However, PlusCoin team embraces this challenge and ensures that everyone should expect high competition among digital currencies, sooner or later. Only the strongest cryptocurrencies will leave standing.

All cryptocurrencies are currently engaged in the battle of legitimacy as they fight for adoption against governments and central banks, which consider digital money as a threat to the status quo of the current financial paradigm.

However, cryptocurrencies, including PlusCoin, gear toward developing measures to ensure that the revolution, started by digital assets, will create a new way of transaction.

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