IcoGuide Offers Unbiased Ratings and Information About TGEs Worldwide

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IcoGuide Offers Unbiased Ratings and Information About TGEs Worldwide
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IcoGuide is a new source helping investors to stay up to date with the latest tokens and revealing the whole information about them.

With blockchain technology, people became free from the clutches of the archaic banking system. Cryptocurrency developers saw a huge gap in the market and now there are thousands of digital tokens running online, catering for the ever-hungry crypto market.

With so many tokens already launched and more to come, it is not only hard to stay up to date with them, but also to be sure whether a particular token is safe to invest, or not. Unlike conventional monetary system, where traders and investors have long established tools and indicators that spell out the strength, stability and value, cryptoworld has a totally different paradigm.

Traditional currencies are backed by governments and nations with industrial and commercial strength. The value of the currency is dependant upon these factors, as well as the political situation of the specific country. Cryptocurrencies often have nothing but a platform. New entries in the market do not even have a working platform to show investors.

This is where IcoGuide enters the game and brings order to chaos. The platform lists token distributions in an impartial and unbiased manner. It inspects the whitepaper and matches it against known variables, such as correct value representation, competition, truth in data shown and reputation of team members. The interface has been kept simple and pleasing to the eye, designed to cater for everyone who wishes to know about token events. The platform is an important tool not only for new investors, but veterans as well.

The website lists tokens for free. In an effort to be as transparent and clear as possible, IcoGuide does not accept any kind of money to list, it does not even have a premium offer. For investors seeking a token that will give a good ROI and will become as sound investment, IcoGuide offers a good and fair evaluation. The platform even has a blog where tokens are being discussed.

Apart from listing tokens and events for a fair analysis which helps the tokens in gathering backers, IcoGuide also has a marketing plan to help the token developers promote their services. This paid service is not applicable to the listing on the website, but can be implemented on other external platforms in the shape of banners, newsletters, social media promotion and email marketing, among others.

IcoGuide has a simple interface. It lists tokens by descending rating, showing along the event rate of token, hard and soft caps, start date, end date and country of origin. A blue box on the right links to a detailed evaluation of the token, including pros and cons. The platform also digs up credible information about the team and lists it in the detailed section. The listing is divided into four sections for easy viewing: popular, ongoing, upcoming and past events.

The IcoGuide platform has well diverse team with more than five years in the crypto market, including a whole one year in token generations. Each token submission is carefully evaluated by nearly a dozen experts independently. An out of ten score is assigned by each evaluator and an average is calculated for the listing.

In all, the website is a good and authentic source of information on TGE, enabling investors to make sound decisions on where and when to invest.

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