Safinus Platform Provides Accessible Investment aServices for Both Newcomers and Veterans

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 4 min read

It becomes easier to gain a slice from the blockchain pie owing to Safirus. The revolutionary platform for investments in cryptocurrencies and ICOs, announced the launch of its Token Generation Event (TGE) on May 2, 2018.

Following a successful token pre-sale, the Safinus project team have announced the start of the main stage of its TGE, set to begin on May 2, 2018. The pre-sale event met its target well in advance, reaching the hard cap of half a million USD that indicates a strong participant interest as the project unfolds. Cayman Island-based company Safinus, currently have their website open for individuals to register on the Whitelist to receive the chance to acquire bonus tokens during the main Token Generation Event (TGE).

A week prior to the start of the TGE, the Safinus team is going to make the MVP platform publicly available, providing token buyers with the opportunity to trial the pilot version of the Safinus platform. The project features a unique portfolio creation mechanism that allows new investors to create their cryptocurrency and ICO portfolios on the platform, and any, even the most inexperienced investors are able to join a portfolio with his funds in just a few clicks. This creates an environment where newcomers and experienced traders can collaborate for shared gains on mutually beneficial terms.

The Safinus platform aims to provide a space for experienced investors to significantly increase their volume of managed capital while earning further profits from a commission that they establish for each created portfolio individually. The crypto funds are available on an international scale, providing a near limitless growth potential.

For the Beginner and the Veteran

Safinus have taken care to incorporate newcomers onto the platform with ease. Newcomers will not have to spend large amounts of time to educate themselves on the intricacies of the crypto industry, nor each cryptocurrency on an individual basis.

By the means of the designed voting system for adding cryptocurrencies and ICO, the platform also abolishes any necessary fear of scammers, as new users can simply pick an attractive investment portfolio to join, based on average portfolio ratings on the platform that is created automatically through saved and verified Blockchain information regarding portfolio earnings.

This aids the crypto industry as a whole. Safinus have created an investment platform accessible for the masses, including those who did not have the opportunity to effortlessly and securely invest their funds in this niche industry.

Aside from the portfolio-joining feature, the platform will also host its own crypto exchange and a row of other functional elements that will help experienced investors manage funds with increased effectiveness.

The Safinus Platform

The platform offers access to orders on multiple exchanges through a unified platform interface. External exchanges will connect to the Safinus platform using APIs so that traders can work with orders on various exchanges through a universal interface. This will simplify their work, potentially saving them time.

Traditional stock market technical analysis tools will also be available on the platform. Certain operations on the platform will be automated, allowing users to react to market changes more proactively.

Safinus and the Native SAF Token

The platform released its own token, SAF based on the Ethereum and complies with ERC-20 standard. Profits made through fees and commissions by the portfolio manager for the control over new-coming investor’s assets will be given in the form of SAF tokens. Similar to this, all internal exchange commissions from transactions will be received in SAF tokens.

The token generation event will start on May 2, 2018 and draw to a close on June 2, 2018 unless a Hard Cap will be reached early. The Hard Cap of 16 000 000 USD has been established for the event. The base price of 1 token during the TGE period will equal to 1 USD. According to the Safinus, early contributors will get bonuses when purchasing SAF tokens.

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