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If Bitcoin Exceeds 70,000 US Dollars, What Platform Will People Choose?

February 9th, 2022 at 1:13 pm UTC · 5 min read

If Bitcoin Exceeds 70,000 US Dollars, What Platform Will People Choose?
Photo: WEEX

Some people think that the bad cryptocurrency has been released in advance. In 2022, Bitcoin will return to 70,000 US dollars, but with the tightening of supervision, many exchanges are becoming less friendly to users.

There are still several major crimes in the market, such as malicious downtime, brush-off, misappropriation of user funds, pins and so on, which have caused “exchange rights protection incidents” including a large number of mainstream trading platforms to warn the exchange of irregular behavior.

In 2020, Binance’s Perpetual contract platform once launched a perpetual contract product with encrypted assets (such as bitcoin) as security deposit, with a leverage of 125 times. Since its launch, Binance has maintained a high trading volume and the position of the leader of the exchange, which is still relatively stable at present.

FTX is also a decentralized exchange, which recently raised $8 billion, making a big splash. With more funds, it can expand the battlefield and volume. Since the frequent accidents of centralized exchange, it has become the object of many people’s choice. Although it lacks black-box manipulation, it is very popular in terms of experience and service. Personally, I still like to have professional services in the first place, and it is more practical to solve problems.

Several major domestic exchanges, except OK, have publicly stated that they are retiring domestic users. Overseas compliant exchanges have obvious competition. For example, there is an exchange called WEEX which has a high exposure and search index recently.

As a cryptocurrency player, it is very important to choose a powerful and reliable platform. Take WEEX as an example. When it was established in 2018, it directly received US$ 100 million from a top blockchain institution in Singapore. It is rich in overseas resources, and has obtained relevant licenses such as MSB of the United States, MSB of Canada and Australia. It is a compliant Perpetual contract exchange, and everything conforms to the positioning of “the safest and easiest Perpetual contract exchange”.

If Bitcoin Exceeds 70,000 US Dollars, What Platform Will People Choose?

WEEX platform has a strong international professional team, focusing on Perpetual contract, up to 125 times leverage, not up to air coin. At present, people’s names have not heard any information about money distribution and fund-raising. It can be said that it is strong in strength, serious in work, and does not need to use so-called means to grow.

For newcomers, the impression of a new platform is the sense of experience. WEEX supports email registration, omits KYC, and the process is simple, anonymous and secure, avoiding cumbersome registration process, recharging and extracting real-time accounts.

Some people worry that the platform will disappear and the funds will be unsafe. That’s a trap of insufficient funds. At first, when I searched WEEX, I was fooled by a guy named Deer net. Isn’t this a liar’s platform? Later, I collected a lot of information, including Feixiaohao, rating websites, Twitter, official website, etc., and then I got a clear idea. It turns out that this WEEX is not “Deer net”. They are two platforms at all, and they are vastly different in strength.

The most unusual thing about WEEX is that there are 1000 BTC margin pools. The public address of the fund pool is: BC 1 QufzPE 776GV25V3EJV 0A8VK07 VHQpelQL 9JL0CV. If you are interested, you are welcome to inquire. According to the public data on Feixiaohao, not many people have this financial strength now.

WEEX has strong funds to ensure the security of users’ funds. In other words, it has achieved 100% reserve fund, which is safe and worry-free. Even if you encounter special situations such as freezing or theft of funds, WEEX platform also has strong funds to make compensation. Through professional 7*24-hour customer service and one-to-one service, it can help solve problems at the first time, and it has strong safety and compliance.

WEEX is willful with strength and speaks with data. A few days after its launch, it jumped to the top 50 in Feixiaohao, with a daily activity of 90% and a good reputation. After all, for our players, safety compliance is the most important thing.

If Bitcoin Exceeds 70,000 US Dollars, What Platform Will People Choose?

It can be seen from the assets strength of the top 100 exchanges that WEEX currently ranks 61st in comprehensive and 27th in the world in assets, which is equal to the assets strength of Bitget, Matcha and Coolcoin. Compared with Coin King, Durian and Bibox, the assets strength is more than one street. It kills other small Perpetual contract exchanges for a cutting-edge exchange that works in compliance.

From the platform characteristics, WEEX system is very stable. It adopts the quotes of the world’s top exchanges such as Binance and OK to aggregate quotation, and there will be no up-and-down speed pin-in.

WEEX also has an attractive partner system, with a maximum rebate rate of 90%. The multi-functional marketing system enhances the communication power and customer acquisition attributes, which can not be separated from the strong financial guarantee. It has the endorsement of safety and compliance, which fully protects the rights and interests of partners. No wonder it attracts many excellent partners. I believe WEEX will surely reach the top in the same industry with its strength. When Bitcoin hits a new high, remember to come here to verify it.

As a steady trader, use spare money to trade! Just entering this round of plunge in 2022, WEEX has no bad experience from registration experience to transaction. However, I would also like to advise you that futures trading is risky. Even if the platform is stable, we still need to control the risks.