‘I’m Not Sure We’d Even Sell Our Bitcoins at $380,950,’ Says Tyler Winklevoss

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 2 min read
‘I’m Not Sure We’d Even Sell Our Bitcoins at $380,950,’ Says Tyler Winklevoss
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Winklevoss brothers, who gained global popularity after their trial with Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook ownership, nowadays seem to be major Bitcoin investors, holding about $1.9B in digital assets.

At the very beginning of their story, in 2012, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss claimed that Facebook CEO, Mark Zukerberg, stole their innovative idea of Internet-based social network.  As the result, they received $45 million equivalent in Facebook shares from the settlement with Zuckerberg, and later in 2013, the Winklevoss collected a fortune of $300 million.

Despite all given by the lawyers recommendations, Winklevoss twins were thrilled to embrace the challenge of blockchain technology and invest into once-obscure asset named Bitcoin.  Suffice it to say, they took time by the forelock and now do not seem to be disappointed of their decision.

During their interview for NY Times, Winklevoss brothers stated that they feel very comfortable in very high-risk environments with absolutely no guarantee of success. This extraordinary patience, gained through years of severe rowing sports, helps them hold their ground.

Today, when Bitcoin grows massively in value in the midst of a volatile infancy, 120,000 Bitcoin purchased by the Winklevoss at $11 per token, has maked both of them millionaires within merely four years.

Unlike skeptics, who continue to warn of a major correction in the Bitcoin price and refer to economic bubble, the Winklevoss brothers have never lost their faith in a fragmental patchwork of digital currencies. According to them, the price of bitcoin will increase exponentially throughout many years ahead, as it evolves into a major asset class, robust store of value, and medium of exchange.

Bitcoin achieved the Winklevoss’ loyalty owing to its main features like transportability, security, and transparency, which positively diverge it from conventional assets. The brothers believe that current Bitcoin price correction caused by the influx of wannabe investors and meteoric increase in buying interest is just a matter of time. In the interview, they also stressed their doubts about whether they would sell Bitcoin even if its value approaches one of all gold in the world. The Winklevoss prefer Bitcoin to this precious metal due to the enhancing functionality and never-ending field of development of the first.

The Winklevoss not only successfully get their hands on Bitcoin rush  but also manage to run digital exchange platform Gemini, which means “twins” in Latin. Gemini was pioneer of the tech sphere; this governmental authorized crypto-platform allows its customers trade digital assets in legal and secure way. Brothers themselves describe project as a catalyst for the crypto trading market designed for Wall Street usage.

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