ImmVRse Announces Its Sponsorship of Europe’s Largest Tech Festival

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

ImmVRse, a decentralized app for VR content creators, has announced its sponsorship of London Tech Week, the most prominent tech festival in Europe.

ImmVRse has officially become a sponsor of London Tech Week, which has been claimed as Europe’s largest and most prominent tech festival. The company plans to showcase to the thousands of people attending the festival in June 2018 its virtual reality (VR) platform combining two frontier tech spaces: blockchain and VR.

Among the festival’s mainstay attractions is the Tech-XLR8 conference. Last year it boasted over 13,000 visitors participating in 300 exhibitor stalls, including 800 tech experts from around the globe with a specialized knowledge of a wide variety of different topics and disciplines.

The festival celebrates technological innovations and humankind’s ability to continually shape the world around them in seemingly unimaginable ways. ImmVRse wants to tap into the buzz created around London Tech Week as a means of introducing their product to a large and engaged audience starving to see and learn about cutting edge technologies.

The team behind ImmVRse wants the masses to experience all benefits of combining VR with the blockchain tech. They want people to see how such a platform can improve both industries in the future.

One of the benefits the company specifically wants people to learn about is its potential to create thousands of new jobs for a new generation of content creators. This is due to its decentralized nature allowing anyone to develop new content and applications for the platform.

Ultimately, ImmVRse aims to transform the entertainment sector, as well as to have an equally significant impact on medical, educational and advertising sectors, amongst others. The CEO of ImmVRse, Farabi Shayor, emphasised both the importance and scope of the London technology festival, as well as outlined what ImmVRse’s primary goal is. He explained:

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Knect365, the organisers of TechXLR8. TechXLR8 is a fundamental part of London Tech Week – one of the largest tech festivals in the whole of Europe. As a startup, we are combining virtual reality and blockchain, both of which we believe will be recognised as crucial consumer technology in a few years’ time.”

ImmVRse leverages blockchain tech as a means of decentralizing content development in the VR space. Brands will be able to search the ImmVRse Dapp for content producers to contract out for certain kinds of jobs. After the job is completed, companies can pay the contractors using IMVs and Ethereum.

Thus, just like most blockchains, the innovation is an economic one that provides an incentive mechanism. In this case, it would be content creation on a peer-to-peer level. The platform intends to revolutionize many different economic sectors and is already for collaboration with students from Imperial College in terms of a research project studying the impact of VR on neural activity.

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