ImmVRse to Employ Hybrid Architecture to Deliver High Quality Content

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ImmVRse to Employ Hybrid Architecture to Deliver High Quality Content
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Blockchain-based VR platform ImmVRse merges centralized and decentralized elements to employ hybrid architecture and deliver top-quality virtual and augmented reality content.

ImmVRse is a blockchain-based VR platform that is attempting to employ distributed ledger technology to incentivize peer-to-peer virtual reality and augmented reality content. A decentralized place to offer content would eliminate the middleman between content producers and consumers.

Essentially, if successful, ImmVRse would make the marketplace for this content free-of-charge and reduce the costs associated with it as a result – increasing  productive efficiency in this space.

ImmVRse Offers Solution to VR-related Deficiencies

Right now, this vision is crippled by problems associated with top-quality content processing as it requires ultra high definition (UHD) media encoding to achieve this end. The problem is that it, in its turn, needs a capital-intensive infrastructure, which would cost a pretty penny to deploy.

However, without high-quality content, there is little reason to even pursue the ImmVRse mission since there would be minimal to no interest in it anyway. As a result, the team has taken on the challenge by creating a hybrid-architecture that utilizes decentralized and centralized elements.

With this design media itself will be stored on a cloud platform while still being secured by blockchain tech. It is through this design that ImmVRse hopes to create UHD content that minimizes latency.

According to a study conducted in conjunction with the Imperial School of Medicine – latency and poor content delivery increases the possibility of inducing motion sickness in users. Thus, it is the goal of ImmVRse to create a platform with low latency and UHD content.

The future goal is to proceed from the hybrid-architecture to progress towards full decentralization through forming strategic partnerships.

ImmVRse Teams Up with Iagon to Realize Their Goal

In their intention to progress towards full decentralization ImmVRse is partnering with startup Iagon. For now, Iagon will help to facilitate the architecture needed to bring about high quality content.

Iagon will essentially be contracted out by ImmVRse to deliver decentralized, cloud computing and artificial intelligence services. This is a perfect role for the startup as Iagon provides a platform for harnessing the storage capacities over a decentralized blockchain grid.

Earlier this year, the company also partnered with Origin Protocol, a technology company backed by renowned capital investment company Pantera Capital, which offers a sharing economy marketplace, allowing buyers and sellers of fractional use goods and services to transact on a distributed open network.

In addition, with an aim to be advised on cloud-computation, scalability and improve product development life-cycle, ImmVRse advisory board has recently welcomed the Director of Oracle (EMEA and APAC), Ani Fox Bochenkov.

“ImmVRse represents a prime example of how modern technologies can be utilized within a digital cloud infrastructure. I look forward to working closely with the team to make this a market leading content platform for the future,” commented Ani Fox Bochenkov on her joining the ImmVRse team.

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