Inovio (INO) Stock Rose 9.5% Yesterday, Up 4% in Pre-market as Vaccine Space Gets on Fire

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Inovio (INO) Stock Rose 9.5% Yesterday, Up 4% in Pre-market as Vaccine Space Gets on Fire
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As of the market closed on Monday, shares of Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO) were up by 9.6%, while Moderna (MRNA) rose 10.3%. Novavax (NVAX) blasted higher by 24.7%, and VBI Vaccines (VBIV) posted a comparable 24.2% gain.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO) jumped 9.5% to trade slightly above $9 as of April 20, 19.59 EDT. The shares were trading 3.87% up in the pre-market on April 21, at $9.40. The rise was similar to what was observed in almost all COVID-19 vaccine space led by Moderna Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA) which jumped by over 10%.

Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) shares blasted the game after rising by a whopping 24.74% after adding $4.72 and clinching above $23.80 as of Monday evening. Another stock that had a similar jump was VBI Vaccines (NASDAQ: VBIV), which saw a rise of 24.2%.

Closer Look at Inovio Pharmaceuticals and INO Stock

Inovio Pharmaceuticals has been one of the largest beneficiaries of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Its stock market has gained. The American biotech company is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of synthetic DNA products, which are mostly used in treating cancers and also other infectious diseases.

The company is developing its INO-4800 DNA vaccine to help the world recover from the coronavirus pandemic. Through the company’s proprietary platform handheld smart device called CELLACTRA, the company can activate immunotherapy.

This is because the platform device delivers optimized DNA cells, where it is later translated into proteins that activate an individual’s immune system, which can generate strong targeted T cells and antibody response.

The device uses a brief electrical pulse to open small holes in the cell reversibly and hence allow the plasmids to enter. Once inside the human cell, the plasmid begins to replicate, hence strengthening the body’s natural response mechanism.

As the company pushes forward its quest of clinching the first position among many racing to get their vaccine approved, the public cannot help other than hanging on the promising stock market for profit. Keeping in mind most people have lost their jobs if not on unpaid leave, any company with possible quick returns is seen as the best option to make quick cash. 

Speculative trading has been skyrocketing the COVID-19 vaccine stock market, with INO definitely on the list.

On the Flip Side

The medical industry at large is reaping huge profits as the whole world risks contracting the deadly coronavirus. It’s dawning in most people that the coronavirus might not be declared defeated until an effective vaccine is developed.

This comes at a time when the United States is formulating an ambitious plan to radically increase the number of coronavirus tests up to 30 million people per week at a cost of $100 billion. This will be a quick and effective way of getting to sort out who is infected and who is not and in turn control the spread of the disease.

Since the country has invested a lot in the ventilators needed by the coronavirus patients, the move will put the government steps ahead in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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