Interview with Masa Suganuma, a Gaming Advisor at Blockchain-based Gambling Platform Luckchemy

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Interview with Masa Suganuma, a Gaming Advisor at Blockchain-based Gambling Platform Luckchemy
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The new project Luckchemy is attracting interest. This platform can solve the main problems of iGaming by eliminating fraud, creating original games, engaging third parties and offering white label solutions.

iGaming has always enjoyed popularity, as millions of people all over the world are attracted by the possibility of hitting the jackpot while sitting at home. The only sufficient drawback of iGaming industry is the high level of fraud which undermines the credibility of iGaming. To revolutionize and improve the industry, Luckchemy has been designed.

Luckchemy is a scalable and provably fair iGaming platform driven by a unique combination of blockchain technology and offchain cryptography. Luckchemy is aimed at solving the main problems of iGaming. The benefits of this platform include a variety of original games, active involvement of third parties and white label solutions. The usage of blockchain ensures the transparency and fairness of all the games, which is a big step for the industry.

Masa Suganuma, well experienced gaming technical expert who has been working in Gaming industry over 18 years, became the advisor of the platform and assisted Luckchemy in developing their project. Suganuma started with the role of engineer at Konami Gaming, Inc. and assigned as Director of Game development in their USA office. Three years’ experience of game development in Las Vegas gave him enough knowledge of “What is the gaming industry”. After coming back to Japan, he became head of R&D in Aristocrat Technologies (Aristocrat Japan), and dedicated himself to Pachinko slot game development. Two years later, he assigned to President of that company.

Masa, currently working as independent gaming consultant and running his own company, ReNeA JAPAN, Inc., has agreed to talk to us about online gaming industry, the services his company provides, and his attitude to Luckchemy.

Coinspeaker: “Please, tell a few words about your business. What is your core service?”

Masa Suganuma: “My core business is Technical consulting of Gaming business. Giving advise my customers to develop games and machines. Also Developing games with my partners for Gaming manufacturer”

Coinspeaker: “How did you come up with the idea of such services? How quickly did you manage to turn those ideas into reality?”

Masa Suganuma: “Gaming business is my life. Since I have been developing game for long time, fortunately I came across the chance to start consulting business.”

Coinspeaker: “Tell us about your team”.

Masa Suganuma: “I am running my company by my self and have partners to work with. They are well experienced marketing expert, game designer and engineer. My team has top level gaming knowledge not only in Japan but all over the world. Moreover, several game development studios are supporting us. They have been releasing popular Pachinko games in domestic market. And all of them are super talented group”.

Coinspeaker: “Please, share your vision of the advantages of blockchain-based casino and lottery over conventional ones”

Masa Suganuma: “To employ blockchain technology enables casino to reduce their running cost of qualified securities. This will bring casino better service which is related the percentage of TURNOVER. Better turnover always can catch the eye of the players in internet world. And reliabilities are another strength. Game system constantly has to be secure in temporary shut down of electricity or communication. Having seamless backup data is very important and block-chain technology meet this requirement”.

Coinspeaker: “Let’s imagine that I want to open my own lottery, what steps should I take to accomplish this?”

Masa Suganuma: “First of all, legal matters must be solved. And then building the securities to run the lottery. And the development of contents need to be started simultaneously”.

Coinspeaker: “Will I face the necessity to build my own technical team?”

Masa Suganuma: “If you have reliable outsourcing, you do not have technical team in your house. However, speed and continuous improvement are mandatory in internet gaming. You will realize the necessity of “inhouse technical team” in a short time”.

Coinspeaker: “What is the price of your services?”

Masa Suganuma: “Depends on the case. Money is not important if I can work with fantastic team and ideal business for me”.

Coinspeaker: “What potential do you see in Luckchemy? What’s the reasons you have agreed to help the project with their concept?”

Masa Suganuma: “The blockchain based iGaming has bright future. In our first video meeting, I have realized “They are Good guys”. And feel “I can enjoy working with them” even we have not known each other before. TEAM is the key for success”.

Coinspeaker: “Thank you very much!”

As for the Luckchemy platform, it has already proved to be trusted: the first few days of private sale brought to the company the biggest part of the planned amount. Before Luckchemy went public, $500,000 have been invested in it.

Currently, the platform is in the process of pre-sale which has started on April 30, 2018 and will last till May 21, 2018. During the pre-sale, early supporters are rewarded with a 40% discount. The main part of the ICO is scheduled for May 22, 2018.

The iGaming industry is expanding, but unfortunately, its reputation has been significantly damaged. And Luckchemy may have a chance to lay the groundwork for fair iGaming.

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